1. DaleB

    Dancing Fuel Needle

    Gents, On my W124 500E I've recently started to have the fuel needle dancing quite dramatically. It's ok from full down to 1/2 & from 1/4 & below but between 1/2 & 1/4 the needle is up and down in quite quick movements. Is this the fuel sender or something more sinister. Cheers D
  2. D

    Fantasy Strictly Come Dancing

    Saturday night again and watching strictly with my girls. It's not really my thing but I love the excitement it brings to my wife and daughter. I join in just for them. So, daydreaming away I was wondering which 13 celebrities would you choose? Pure entertainment is the key. Construct a list...
  3. F

    Dancing headlights

    Still learning and loving more about my new (to me) C220. I recently parked opposite a big wall at night and for the first time noticed that when I switch on, the headlight beam seems to move to the left, then the right before settling down. I have checked the manual and can't find any info on...
  4. Scott_F

    Would You Poke a Dancing Bear With a Stick ?

    I have recently been offered the chance to undertake a challenging journey of at least 2 hours to an uninhabited part of Outer Rochdale in order to enjoy the traditional spectacle of a dancing bear. The trip is likely to cost well over 80 pence but in return will afford me the...
  5. crockers

    How Irish Dancing really started..!!!

    YouTube - Lordi jinak I always wondered :)
  6. Godot

    Lordi jinak ; The Origin of Irish Dancing ?

  7. Druk

    One for all you pole-dancing fans out there.

    YouTube - Tango
  8. Lugy

    Dancing on ice

    Quite topical just now :D YouTube - Group4 rs1800's playing in the snow. YouTube - Audi Quattro and Lancia 037 Snow Dance
  9. ringway

    Watch Our Forum Members Christmas Dancing

    I make no apology to the guys in this video. Their images were available and I hope they take this post in the spirit it is intended. I think they danced very well! LPXF8geTStk This is a good way of sending greetings to family and friends at any time of year via email.
  10. Satch

    Belly Dancing

    Must be the effects of the long weekend but Mrs S. announces she is off to an introductory Belly Dancing class at the Gym. So, had to point out how it should be done :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7-AsZHGha8 (make sure the sub. is turned up!)
  11. grober

    Limbo dancing for licence holders??

    I know this has been tried before--I think by VW ( With their Formel-E Polo and Ecomatic Golf)?? but in todays vehicle licencing climate it seems a good idea. By switching off the engine when stationary and using regenerative battery charging BMW has managed to reduce its diesel MINI to a lower...
  12. High-Lo

    Very good dancing

    You will need to right click the link below and 'Save Target As' to your local drive Link Not rude or offensive so should be 'work friendly'. File is 3Mb. Apologies if you've seen it before :)
  13. D

    All singing and dancing cleaner ??

    Hi All.. I bought my very nice spotless C180 Coupe from a very nice lady, (arn't they all) who cleaned the leather and all the trim with something called "Star Drops", i think that's what she called it. It did a great job too but i can't find the dam stuff anywhere, even on the internet. Has...
  14. grasmere

    dancing banana's

    Has anyone else noticed the banana has stopped dancing :bannana:
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