1. brucemillar

    Motorsport can be dangerous

    Burning fuel hits crowd at Australian drag-racing event - BBC News
  2. M

    MB dealerships are dangerous..

    ... to your wallet. Last week I visited my local dealer to pick up an accessory and low and behold in the reception they had an April 2014 E63 AMG in Palladium silver with Crystal Grey Nappa interior, panoramic roof and optioned with the Limited slip differential and steel brakes that they had...
  3. D

    New gearbox modes dangerous?

    Just spotted in the press release about the new E63 gearboxes. The 9 speed, I believe, and that it has several modes. I am merely questioning one of them. "Comfort" is the well-balanced drive program with a comfort-oriented suspension and steering set-up, as well as a fuel-efficient powertrain...
  4. P

    Reporting dangerous driving with dashcam footage

    As per title, can this be done and is there an online form?
  5. P

    Is it dangerous sticking to the speed limit?

    I was out and about on the M25 last night. There were umpteen roadworks and speed restrictions. I was coming into a section that had the inside lane closed and the speed limit had been 60, 50 & finally 40. I'm sitting at about 45 when I see a whole lot of traffic coming up behind me at...
  6. R

    W204 Rear Lamp Warning - Dangerous

    To cut a long story short, I have emailed mb compaints as the brown wire (earth) has melted into the pin and through to the cluster. Pics attached. I had my little lad in the car when the warnings happened, I am thinking this could have set the whole car up in flames? Or am I being a bit...
  7. B

    Anyone got the dangerous warning update for becker map pilot?

    Looking for a link and reviews
  8. knighterrant

    Are dangerous drivers getting away with it?

    Convictions for motoring offences have slumped over the past 10 years. Are we better drivers, or is a lack of effective enforcement masking the truth? Are dangerous drivers getting away with it? - Confused.com
  9. Palfrem

    Dangerous Driving?

    fyAl3fnlLY This is more dangerous than sheer speed I think.
  10. S

    Help with dangerous brake assist fault

    Hi I've got a 2001 Mercedes 230k Kompressor Cabriolet which I bought for the wife. She's been well looked after and I take her to a merc specialist. Last month my wife was going down the motorway. Suddenly the Bas Esp light came on and the car started braking on its own accord. Luckily she was...
  11. I

    WIM Alignment - dangerous?

    Have had a full geo done. After hearing a lot of positive on the forums. However, is it just me or does the car feel slightly unnatural after this geo? I have had many mercedes and they all pull to the left more than other cars. This company of course claim they can eliminate this. Well - I...
  12. B

    Dangerous criminal idiots

    As a quick bit of background, I live on a side street just off a fairly major thoroughfare in South East London. Directly across the main road is another street which has bollards at the end so only the emergency services can get onto it. So this afternoon I was getting my older daughter (not...
  13. adam87

    Dangerous? Yes. But you can't knock the build quality of a 202!

  14. AANDYY

    World's Most Dangerous Roads - BBC2

    BBC iPlayer - World's Most Dangerous Roads: Alaska Last weeks was good, tonights looks even better :thumb: BBC2 21.00 Sundays.
  15. ringway

    A Dangerous Surprise.

    Driving home in the Sprinter van this evening just as the darkness had descended. I was in the inside lane of the A34 dual carriageway. Windows up, radio off. I heared what I thought was a squeak. A few seconds later I heared a similar noise.. I looked to the right and saw a young blonde...
  16. Reedswood

    Most Dangerous Roads in UK

    The report found a third of serious crashes happened at junctions Half of all fatal road crashes occur on one-tenth of Britain's roads, according to charity the Road Safety Foundation. Its report, covering 28,000 miles of A-roads and motorways, says Scotland has the highest risk highways...
  17. Godot

    15 Most Dangerous Places To Drive on Earth

    15 Most Dangerous Places To Drive on Earth | Car Detailing :crazy:
  18. PJayUK

    How do you report dangerous driving when on a motorway

    I thought I had seen it all! Tonight on my way home I was on the M25 heading clockwise from Heathrow. Traffic was slow but after the M3 started to speed up. I was in the middle lane the traffic was travelling at around 60mph. In my rear view mirror I noticed a black Audi A6 Avant (I got the...
  19. R

    London Bus Drivers - Dangerous.

    Last weekend I drove approx 700miles around the country...I never had any close calls, or any incidents, until....... I was within 0.5miles of my home in North London! I'm driving at about 20-25mph going up hill. There is a large double decker bus in front of me. It signals to stop at a Bus...
  20. Sp!ke

    Are all classic cars this dangerous?

    Truly shocking video. :eek: <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/_xwYBBpHg1I&hl=en_GB&fs=1&"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
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