1. Giantvanman

    Wearing new bra with flaps dangling, my mistress

    I would hate for the title to be provocative. :devil: I just wanted to show what I have been up to this afternoon…..apologies for the poor camera work……..couldn't get all of her flaps in one shot but I can assure you she has THREE more. :D
  2. A

    Dangling raing sensor...

    As I am getting to know my new (to me) R320 I am trying to ascertain why auto-wipers only functioning as intermittent. I have pulled off the cover behind the mirror to find the sensor/lens assembly in place (part number 164 820 0185 - I assume this is not just a light sensor?). However, and...
  3. J

    Dangling upholstry

    Probably been discussed before, but all help appreciated. Any idea where I could get the interior 'ceiling' of my 1984 500sec reupholstered? It would make the world of difference to the car but an internet search has yielded little. Ta in advance!
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