1. T

    In the dark

    Guys Here's something you won't experience for another 80 years . A total solar eclipse. https://www.greatamericaneclipse.com/wyoming/ For me about a 150 mile trip up country from the house. Or I might stay in Chugwater Wyoming--Yes there is such a place! Just a few miles north of...
  2. M

    Black Ash or Dark Ash W205

    Looking to order a W205 Sport and considering whether to get black ash or dark ash. Seen several cars with black ash, and like the matt finish, but personally prefer natural wood colour (i.e. brown). Is the dark ash interior matt or gloss? If it is gloss, does it show fingerprints and...
  3. M

    Need some info on a car from the dark side!!!

    Hi All Its been an eventful 2 weeks for me, long story short, some idiot crashed into me 2 weeks ago, and wrote off my car. I need a new car ASAP. Cant get very excited about anything in the MB range right now. Well at least the ones in my "affordability list". I need a diesel, decent sized...
  4. V

    Wheel protector for black or dark alloys?

    Hello all - finally a spell of good weather to give my new motor its first wash. I've got the Autoglym pack with everything you need in. When it come to finishing my alloys with the hydrophobic Autoglym Wheel Protector says it can't be used on dark wheels - I think it creates a cloudy finish...
  5. JohnEclass

    The Dark Side

    Ok so I decided to have a change.... now proud owner of an Audi S4, no Clarkson comments please :D Its an awesome piece of kit.... not quite C63 Awesome but more than quick enough for me with a quality exhaust note as well. picked up from Stoke Audi this afternoon. I like petrol 3.0 V6...
  6. S

    Going to the dark side....... maybe

    Hi all, So after 9 months of ownership of the c63 i have to admit despite all the problems i do love it! However, the warranty is expiring and i am not sure i want to pay £1,200+ for 12 months extended warranty. So i ask myself shall i switch to an M4. Prices seem to have tumbled on...
  7. T

    My 6 pot diesel from the dark side lol

    As well as the misses B170, I also have a 2004 BMW 330D touring Sport with manual 6sp. I sold a nigh on 500bhp Audi S4 for this car due to it ticking every box, good mpg, performance, practicality as had a large dog at the time. I also work with large diesels so made sense buying one. I...
  8. Blinked

    Defected from the dark side

    Hi , I'm mike. Being a life long bmw fan (sorry to swear) I have recently defected from the dark side and purchased a maniac.
  9. ioweddie

    Indoor Energy Saving Light Bulbs Like the Dark Ages

    These bulbs are expensive, a pain to dispose of, and worst of all bloody useless. Its like living in the Dark Ages, 240 volt 9 watt small screw golf ball cost about £7 each don't last 10.000 hours as claimed and are about as bright as a 25watt conventional bulb. Am I the only one who thinks we...
  10. K

    Privacy glass too dark

    This may rank as the most daft question of 2015 but here goes. I really don't like the tinting on my rear windows. In anything below broad daylight it's impossible to see out of the rear windows when reversing etc. Plus I think it just looks daft. I'm assuming that, as it's factory fitted...
  11. R

    W205 and dark ash wood trim.

    This is my first post so a warm hello to all of you on this forum, I’ve been dropping by in the lead up to ordering my new car. It’s a C200 AMG Line with premium package in palladium silver, cranberry leather, surround camera and intelligent light system. I also have the dark ash wood trim...
  12. Dr-Nab

    Gone to the dark side...

    *Puts on flameproof coat* And got myself an Audi S5 TFSI. Had pretty much every option box ticked and Audi Exclusive Sprint Blue paint. Obviously will be tuning it up, when I'm used to it. Got to be truthful, only had it for six days and I've taken to it much more than the E-Cabrio...
  13. Deane x

    The dark side does seem appealing

    After problems with C350e ( grant ,options or lack of ) I have been looking at other options and BMW has got my attention ,they seem to have better colour options and loads of add on options ( not just prem and prem plus ) but I have nerver had a BMW so my question is what are peoples views and...
  14. M

    Steering wheel dark gray leather/walnut for 124, 140, 129, 210, 202

    Originally from a W140 S600, and was fitted to my w124. It is a genuine MB item. It's dark gray, but doesn't look wildly out of place in leiu of the same wheel in black leather. Comes with matching gray airbag. It will need a contact ring which can be swapped over from your existing wheel. In...
  15. Mike Walker

    W210 E240 V6 Auto Elegance Estate. Dark Blue metallic. 2000 plate 112k miles

    p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; direction: ltr; line-height: 120%; text-align: left; widows: 2; orphans: 2; } Following my recent purchase of a W124 300TE the above is now for sale. Good points MOT until end of March 2016 – no advisories. Service book with 10 stamps plus hardback “Owners...
  16. moggymog

    Moving over to the dark side????

    My current lease is up for renewal in a few months and I was looking at replacing it with an E350 Bluetec Estate but I've had a pretty decent quote for a BMW 535D M Sport Touring. Has anyone had any experience with this model? Pro & Cons over the E class Should I do it?? I've been very...
  17. S

    Looking for a used E-Class now tha I've defected from the dark side

    Hi everybody - newbie here! ;) After 20 years of driving BMW 3, 5, 6 and 7 series I now need an estate for the first time in my life. The BMWs have been getting way too harsh riding in recent years and my spinal disk degeneration is not going to get any better. I think BMW have re-dressed the...
  18. D

    CLS Wheel Colour Change - How Dark?

    Apologies for another wheel refurb/colour change thread but I'm trying to canvas opinion of colour for my 2009 black CLS. The wheels have been badly refurbished by the previous owner and the lacquer has already started to crack, plus I've curbed them in a few places as I get use to the car's...
  19. Mike Walker

    What a beauty form the dark side!

    I was driving towards Ashford on the M20 this morning and passed one of these:- I couldn't be sure but assumed it was on it's way back across the Channel.
  20. Satch

    Auto Dimming Mirrors dark in daylight

    Pretty much what it says on the tin: were misbehaving sometime OK but tending to go fully dark at random. Sticking finger over sensor corrects problem but returns soon. Sensor problem I would think. Easy to fix?
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