1. G

    Darn, code p0422 came back :(

    After being diagnosed as being caused by a loose vacuum hose in the engine bay by a more experienced mb tech and fixed...my check engine light came back on. Again, on my obd ii reader it's giving me the P0422 code caused mainly by faulty catalytic converters. It can also be caused by engine...
  2. expat

    Belt tensioner --- where is the darn thing?

    I've got a 1994, C250D 5-cyl diesel (202) and I think my alternator has gone out on me. I'm taking it out to have it tested but for the life of me I cannot find the belt tensioner to loosen the serpentine drive belt. Can you point me in the right direction?
  3. flat6buster

    Oh Darn it. W210 Est Back Seat Release

    Ooops. Sometimes I just know that trying DIY repairs is not worth the effort. I had my seat back stuck after the seatbelt caught in the mechanism. Well yesterday I tried to break the seat apart to release it and was really pleased with myself when I a) released the seatbelt then b) finally...
  4. NormanB

    OT:GOLD WING FORUM - That darn squirrel

    Sorry peeps - in my research for a motor scooter! - I was cruising the Goldwing forum and found this wee story about a squirrel I have 'CTRL C and V'd' in its entirety. Its a belter: Jed I never dreamed slowly cruising through a residential neighbourhood could be so incredibly...
  5. S

    That Darn Chrome Thing

    I been looking for the part no. for the W202 5 speed auto pre-tiptronic gearbox chrome shift surround in the previous posts - I know it appeared a few times and I should have written it down then!. After failing miserably to find it with a bemused Merc parts manager to find the part no. - can...
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