1. W

    How do I install 'Dashmount'

    Hi, Has anyone tried to install a dashmount phone holder into a CLK220(W209) THIS is the Link to their website, although it shows a W208 the instructions are the same! Instructions read: 1. Open the ashtray. 2. Unclip the gear shift gaiter from the front section: pull up and slide back. 3...
  2. pammy

    C class 01-04 dashmount bracket

  3. GrahamC230K

    DashMount bracket for a w202 C-Class

    An OEM phone console with speaker came my way way to cheap to pass up, so I have my Dashmount console bracket for sale. This is the cheaper alternative to an original MB phone console, that offers a neat, hole free installation of your handsfree cradle. Bracket same as one for sale is...
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