1. J

    Re-registering Golf, thats not on SORN database?

    I have a Golf GTI, which has been garaged for 18 years, in my Mums name. It never got on SORN database and I obviously never have scrapped it as such. If I take it for an MOT, will it still come up on their computer do you think? And if not how do you go about re-registering it? It...
  2. erdnase

    SCDB The Worldwide Speed Camera DataBase

    Just had tested a sample file the The Worldwide Speed Camera DataBase sent me recently and it works perfectly. Noticed a couple of other websites with the same service. Just wondered if anybody had tried Pocket GPS World - SatNavs | GPS | Speed Cameras for example.
  3. erdnase

    The Worldwide Speed Camera DataBase

    Hi, Just wondered if anybody has used this website to add speed camera alerts to their sat nav . - Die weltweite Blitzerdatenbank
  4. Hawkwind

    Motor Insurance Database

    Does anyone know anything about this? I didn't realise all cars must now not only be taxed, but insured as well, otherwise they must be declared SORN. Is this a recent thing, does anyone know how long this has been in effect?
  5. Z

    MB on- line parts database (?)

    Hi all, I need to order a few little parts to finish a w123 I just restored and I was hoping to find a database on-line similar to bmw realoem, which is for free and available for everyone. Well, I found that such a thing doesn't exist for MB cars well until you want to pay an annual fee...
  6. I

    COMAND speed camera database - is it possible?

    Hi all, About to have my brand new e220cdi delivered. Never had COMAND and I wondered if it is possible to get some sort of an up to date UK speed camera databse? Thanks, im333
  7. T

    MB service database

    Hi, My 2008 CLS came with full MB service history. I am not going to continue with MB for servicing and am going to find a decent independent ( usually better anyway - if you have a Jag I recommend Jagutek in Ely). My question was as the car servicing is basically all on the Mercedes...
  8. tali

    Car insurance postcode risk database

    Post Code Risk calculator for any insusrance group in the UK with Visitcars This is a good one - says i'm 1692 out of 1697- i reckon i'm 1698 out of 1697!!! :wallbash::wallbash: Car Insurance Buster: Check average costs in your postcode | This is Money
  9. G

    Origin B2 speed camera database thingy

    Recently removed from my other half's car and now no longer required. Comes with original box, full instructions and CD. Same as this: - The place for Speed Trap Detectors, Sat Nav and Fish Finders £100 delivered.
  10. Andi968

    OBD fault codes searchable database

    Hello I just thought I would take a couple of minutes out to say hi to everyone. I have a big interest in the electronics side of MBs especially OBD interfacing and have in the past designed and built my own interfaces and sold them among other places on ebay and the likes. Dont worry I no...
  11. M

    Gracenote Database

    How does the Gracenote database work on COMAND to display CD title information? Is this a fixed database on COMAND which is referenced when the CD is inserted or is the information stored on the CD and simply read into COMAND? I am curious because I didn't realise that COMAND could do this...
  12. Druk

    Speed camera position database?

    I have a Talex radar trap detector. The update subscription is about to run out and I don't think I trust Talex to stay in business long enough to give them my money for another three years. Is there a reliable stand alone database that I could sub to which would let me plug in my unit via it's USB.
  13. R

    VOSA database of vehicle recalls

    I've just been browsing the VOSA web pages and came across this. VOSA - Vehicle Recalls
  14. spock500

    Engine and transmission oil database

    I thought I would post a link to this site as I find it very useful - Hopefully it will get pulled up when folks search for oil types, capacity ect.. Caltex Australia - NetLube
  15. U

    DVLA Reg not on database? Q

    Hi, was wondering if anyone knows the answer to this question? ive had a car sitting out side my house on different occasions now, always with two guys in it. I did that Reg Check on the DVLA site and it said the following: ----------------------- Services Provided By DVLA: DVLA...
  16. M

    Citroen Parts Database / EPC Net ?

    I need to price up and identify some parts for a Citroen Berlingo Van, does anyone know of a site like the EPC Net site for the Mercedes where you can look at the parts diagrams etc please ?
  17. Spinal

    Database problems... Is it just me that is shocked that such a database is travelling through the Royal Mail network?
  18. Mercv8

    Access to Motor Insurer's Database

    Enjoy.. MV8.
  19. A

    insurance database

    time to snoop on your neighbours :)
  20. W

    Dodgy database of personal details

    A colleague at work pointed out a rather suspect website to me today If you go onto it and type in your name and location it may well list all sorts of personal details about you and your family (although you will have to register to get all the info). You can apparently...
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