1. OCD BAL

    Finally! Got my delivery date for my GLC43 AMG SUV - Any other owners or prospective

    Finally, after waiting 7 weeks since ordering, I've received my delivery date for my GLC43 AMG. It's late November and I'm really looking forward to it! What surprises me is the fact that I still haven't seen any on the road as yet! I live in Surrey/South London borders - Are there any owners or...
  2. T

    C63s Delivery date moved again.

    Hi All Ordered a c63s for a delivery on the 1st of September. Paid a deposit at the end of March for a delivery on the 1st day of the new reg.(giving them 5 months to manufacturer) Been told today that they still don't have a confirmed factory date and in fact it definitely will not be the...
  3. mattc200d

    Date display

    Can I display the date on my audio 20? I can set the format and change in settings but can't find any way of displaying it. Thanks in advance.
  4. toml

    Build Date

    Hi there. I posted a request some time ago when i asked the question How do i get a data card for my car, I received a couple of answers advising me to e-mail MB in Germany. I contacted MB Germany and had a message back telling me to ask MB Classic which i did along with copy of log book and...
  5. L

    DVLA want proof of manufactured date

    Hi all, I imported a 190 Evo II about a year ago and am finally ready to put it on the road. DVLA is making me jump through some hoops though. One of which is that for some reason they have rejected my Portuguese registration document and stated I need to get proof of manufactured date from...
  6. Borys

    Eurocarparts engine oil out of date

    I did a routine oil change on my cls500 using Shell Helix Ultra 5w40, exactly the same as last time. Next morning on cold start I hear a tapeting noise from the engine. Hold on a second that wasn't there. I had one bottle left of oil in question - expiry date is 10/06/2016 Seriously how they...
  7. 219

    15 Years ago , on this date
  8. BlackC55

    Benz on The Green 2017 - Save the date! What would you like to see next year?!

    Hi All, So the the date is set for next year. 13th of May 2017 so please put the date in your diaries. I have already started organising bits and bobs for next year and would really love some input from yoursleves as to what you would like to see next year. Trade stands etc? Anything we can...
  9. mercmanuk

    Omega speedmaster professional date blue

    Omega speedmaster professional date blue model number 32128000 as new worn about 10 times for weddings etc. 3 xtra links in strap worth £120 no dings,scratches just minor light scuffs that occur with wear they show up only on a flash collection from manchester or will post £1500 full...
  10. O

    Agility Start Date

    Hi I'm buying a new Merc on PCP finance (Agility). The dealer has asked me to sign the finance agreement although the vehicle is not even in the UK yet. Yet avording to the agreement the start date is the date of signature, and payments begin 1 month later. I'm uncomfortable over this. Can...
  11. E

    Out of date aftermarket extras.

    Hello there, a newbie here. we've just bought our first Mercedes, a 2004 C220 diesel auto and I'm rather impressed. The problem is it has an old Nokia cark 112 hands free kit fitted. This no longer works with modern phones. The car also has a (broken) satnav fitted which has a remote control...
  12. Rctaylor1966

    Expected delivery date

    Hi All, Just wondering peoples experiences with 'expected' delivery dates on new cars, I suspect it will be bang on with typical german efficiency but maybe you know otherwise
  13. P

    Worst problem to date.. Need some help

    H7 car is w221 s320 cdi wirhout xenon, dipped beam h7 High beam h9 My h7 socket was Melted and damaged, and i Saw it has 1 Yellow wire and 2 Brown wires, unable to find the correct part number i purchased The socket for w210 h7, This has 1 Brown 1 Yellow wire. The Melted socket was causing...
  14. S

    How to set time and date?

    hi I've been reading on this for about a week now in various forums and still can't fathom why I can't set the time and date. Car is 2004 (53 plate) e270 cdi, auto, estate, aps 50 head unit. My battery ran flat recently and a number of things didn't work after jump starting. I managed...
  15. S

    W205 ordered. build date?

    Hi, So I've taken the plunge to my first Merc! Just ordered at C250 estate AMG With premium pack. I used Carwow, got a pretty good deal from a dealer 30 miles away. They had quoted late April/early May delivery and I have been constantly asking them to confirm the build date but they have...
  16. AMGeed

    SBC Pump date code

    I am curious to find out whether the SBC pump has ever been changed in my E55. Using the following code. dating schedule from Bosch, I'm still none the wiser. I have three sets of numbers on my...
  17. S

    Date setting problem on s class w220?

    Hi I have been able to set the command so that the time auto changes from summertime using location in UK time zone. Problem I find is that I cannot change the day month year (Its greyed out) and wont adjust through the set up menu. When entering the set up mode as soon as ignition is on...
  18. Mrhanky

    SBC Date code info

    Has anyone got the Bosch date of manufacture codes? Ive seen them posted before and my search has not yielded any results.
  19. M

    Millers fuel add out of date ???

    I bought some Millers diesel fuel additive, as recommended by some people on here. Looked on bottle and it says don't use after the date is up which is a couple of months ago. What do you recon still is it ok to use, theres no mould growing on it, do you think its like a supermarket date??? Just...
  20. G

    Vin number for build date

    Hi, I am looking at a c270 on a 53 plate with vin WDB2032162F469887 and wonder if anyone could tell me build date regarding galvanising. Thanks Andrew
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