1. T

    Delivery Dates.. C43 Coupe to the UK

    Hi all, New to this forum, as I've recently been converted from BMW to Mercedes! I've got a C43 Coupe on order - The current delivery at dealership date is estimated between the 27th March and 3rd April. With the very painful new tax rates becoming applicable on the 1st April, I'm hoping...
  2. R

    Google Earth up dates.

    So, there I was casually browsing Google Earth and saw that the image from space had been updated over my house...last August. So, as you do, I zoomed in to see what I could see. What did I see? Answer in 24 hours...unless a correct answer is given first.
  3. C180AMG71

    2017 Event dates

    Are there any planned events / car shows for 2017, if yes can the details be posted.
  4. S

    S63 AMG W221 Manufacture dates?

    Can any one tell me the dates that the W221 S63 models were made? And/If they switched to the revised 5.5 bi turbo engine, what year was it from and to. MAny thanks
  5. V

    Build Dates

    Hello all, I finally took the plunge and ordered my new(and first) Mercedes at the end of of october. Car was ordered through a broker as my wife gets a really good deal through her work roughly 20% discount on a c200 amgline premium. Problem is we still have no build date original delivery date...
  6. KillerHERTZ

    2015 Model Release Dates

  7. R

    Definitive production dates W209'CLK

    I have been asking questions regarding a W209 CLK I am thinking of buying and it seems at least some people do not believe the date of first reg. it is given as 22/05/2002. I am told these were not produced untill 2003. Can anyone shed any light on this. Is it a pre production car, a press car...
  8. 1

    Build Dates

    How long have people had to wait to get a build date for a C63? I ordered mine in early August and have not yet been given a date. Is this normal?
  9. flat6buster

    new car delivery dates

    Can anyone tell me if ascheduled delivery date is likely to be accurate - I have a car due 9th july and want to decide if I rent a car in the interim (which I will if date is likely to be accurate) or buy an interim car (which if theres a disposition for dates to slip would be the other option -...
  10. Mike Walker

    Summer Diary dates - South London

    Reminder of two dates for your diaries now that Spring is just around the corner :rolleyes: Motorsport at Crystal Palace - 26/27.5.2013 Bromley Pageant of Motoring - 9.6.2013
  11. B

    A Class tour dates

    Find your nearest venue below. Date City Venue Thu 6 - Sun 9 September Bristol Cabot Circus Shopping Complex Thu 6 - Sun 9 September Norwich Chapelfield Shopping Centre Thu 13 - Sun 16 September Southampton WestQuay Thu 20 - Sun 23 September London...
  12. ringway

    Email dates lie.

    For a while now, when I recieve an email from one particualar sender the date on the emails shows in advance. An email I had earlier today from the sender (a member of MB Club) shows as being sent on Sat 28/05 at 12.30. The advanced times are consistent with this senders emails. Does...
  13. B

    Any firm dates on arrival of updated C63?

    Has anyone got any hard evidence of when the facelifted C63 will hit the UK next year?
  14. crockers

    How do I stop word changing dates??

    When ever I open an old document Word changes its date to todays. How do I stop this happening. Using Word in Office 2011 for Mac. Thanks
  15. NISFAN

    Release dates for COMAND upgrades????

    Hi All, I have a W204 with COMAND version 5.0. Latest version is 2009/2010 V6.0. Does anyone know when version 7.0 will be released, as I am keen to upgrade mine, but don't want to be paying £200 odd for v6.0 and a month or so later v7.0 comes out. :doh: Am I right in saying a new version...
  16. A

    R129 SL 93-95 loom and precise production dates.

    Hi, I'm currently searching for a R129 500 and would like to know exactly when the changeover was for the introduction of the problematical wiring harness. It's generally said to be 93-95 cars, but if possible it would be handy to know which month the bad looms were first used. Also, did the bad...
  17. Baron_Samedi

    Sell-By Dates

    Reading on some website somewhere that the Gov want to reduce waste by eliminating Sell-By and Use-By dates on produce. I reckon this idea is as ****-eyed as the rest of our leading party's policies and going to result in big business for lawyers pursuing claims for poor darlings with...
  18. P

    MERC build dates

    I have the dealer vehicle print out for my new GL and I am trying to decypher when the build date actually was. The car is in the UK now and probably has been for some time, the print out says it is at MB of Blackburn. The 'dates' look more like codes, can anyone shed any light? I also have the...
  19. R

    C Class (W203) - Comand DVD issue dates?

    Saw all the stuff on TMC in aother thread and noted some people now have version 4 (or 4.1 for W211) DVD's. I've just picked up a Mercedes Direct Oct 04 C270 and its DVD is V2. Does this sound reasonable or has somebody nicked my newer DVD and replaced with their old one?
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