1. merc85

    w221 David Wren Cars?

    Well a friend of mine is looking for a S class, Either a Later non effected m272 v6 petrol or a 3.0 derv. He went to see this today MERCEDES S CLASS S350, Black, Auto, Petrol, 2006 | eBay He drove it not knowing whether it was in the effected engine range and really liked it, According...
  2. grober

    David Duckenfield faces manslaughter charges

    David Duckenfield faces 95 Hillsborough manslaughter charges - BBC News David Duckenfield faces 95 Hillsborough manslaughter charges along with 4 others on related charges
  3. G

    David --2 / Northampton Council --0

    Aha, just had a second successful PCN appeal in nine months. Two out of two :thumb: Both tickets were issued for "parking outside the bay markings" in St John's multi-storey car park in Northampton town centre. As a town centre resident, I park there daily (and pay an annual fee). Now...
  4. D

    David Coulthard wins the 2016 GP in China.

    Ant. :D Just a bit of fun for those who know what it means. PLEASE do not post any results and spoil it for anyone who's yet to see it. Thanks.
  5. Darrell

    David Bowie, a legend.

    In total shock.
  6. Stratman

    David Gilmour heads up

    For those that are interested, there's a DG documentary featuring his new solo album on BBC2, 14th of November at 9:45pm. Yummy.
  7. The _Don

    DAVID DERBYSHIRE: The deadly diesel deception

    DIEsel..... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2617425/The-deadly-diesel-deception-We-bullied-buying-diesel-cars-help-fight-global-warming-Now-experts-say-green-fuel-killing-thousands-us.html
  8. S

    David Coulthard...

    Can anybody here confirm either way whether or not David Coulthard owned an E55 in 2004? I suspect the ownership may have not been for very long and it would have been from new.
  9. D

    what material is used on the front interior bulkhead of a Mercedes 230ce

    Hi there, Would anyone know what material is used on the front interior bulkhead of a Mercedes 230ce, 1893? It is located under the front carpet, just behind the pedals and appears to be a cement-like substance. Also, if cracked, can it be repaired? Many thanks, David.
  10. D

    David O'Brien

    Looking for a 230ce, must be 1983 or earlier with auto transmission and electric sunroof and windows. Must also be in good mechanical order and rust-free. Thanks.
  11. DanMorgan

    David Beckhams Old S500

    2001 MERCEDES S500L AUTO BLACK | eBay
  12. D


    Hi there, Just wondering if anyone can assist me. How do you find a Jersey number plate for a car imported into the UK in 1986? I tried the DVLA but they advised that their records did not go back that far. Many thanks in advance. David.
  13. The _Don

    David lloyd gym open weekend free gym

  14. S

    David Coleman RIP

    A truly great broadcaster. 87 - a good innings.
  15. 1945wickedred

    Sir David Beckham?

    Did I really see this headline on the front page of a major newspaper the other evening on Sky news preview.Surely this is a monumental mistake for what has this guy done to deserve such an honour,he has been rewarded handsomely for kicking a football around over the years and has accumulated a...
  16. R

    RIP David Jacobs

    BBC News - Broadcaster David Jacobs dies at 87
  17. bes1110

    Sir David Frost RIP

    RIP David Frost BBC News - Sir David Frost, broadcaster and writer, dies at 74
  18. Conquistador

    Dynamo vs. David Coulthard in an SL63 AMG

    Dynamo vs. Coulthard - YouTube
  19. Mike Walker

    David Bowie is.....

    ... a genius? Went to the V&A exhibition today with the family and what a great time was had by all. My wife and I saw him at the Festival Hall many years ago now as Ziggy Stardust with The Spiders from Mars and have followed him on and off ever since. What may not be apparant to everyone is his...
  20. Mr. B

    David Cameron LOL

    Did anybody else chuckle to themselves early today when Rebekah Brooks was giving evidence to the Leveson enquiry. She stated that David Cameron occasionally signed off his messages with 'LOL". He thought it meant 'Lots of Love' instaed of 'laugh out loud' :doh:
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