1. D

    Happy Yorkshire Day!

    Happy Yorkshire Day everyone! For those who haven't heard of it, just imagine Christmas Day but with zero generosity...
  2. shazzya45

    Collection day expectation

    Picking up my new A45 AMG soon which is also my first ever brand new car. What am i expecting to go through on collection day? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. R

    Msl dyno day (bradford)

    This one is going to be huge. We are holding a dyno day on 9th of July in bradford. The first event to be held here and hopefully more. it's a open invite to everyone and also we will be mapping on the day (Pre book maps only). Come down, Enjoy yourself and make a day out of it. MSL...
  4. flying haggis

    A Little Something To Lighten up Your day

    made me smile
  5. ACID

    MSL Performance NOrth Branch Dyno Day

    A day not to be missed guys, for those of you who live up north we now have mapping facilities near you. Don't miss out on this great event
  6. secondmerc

    Today's the day

    Over 6 months! after it was ordered, finally getting my new C63 S today. A school kid on Christmas Day springs to mind... Farewell to the mental A45. 30,000 miles of unadulterated fun. I won't miss the lethargic throttle response pulling away from junctions at times or the gearchange delay...
  7. BIRMA

    My first day in the CL65

    It's been a week now since I test drove the car and I've had a week of thinking as to whether I'd done the right thing. So yesterday arrived and I went to pick it up, first off I got caught in the M25 traffic from Heathrow to the A3 and the trip computer recorded an alarming 8 MPG something I'm...
  8. mark44

    Pre-Track day questions

    Hi, My lovely wife has booked me a training/trackday at Silverstone. Needless to say, I'm VERY excited! I had a couple of questions as I've not done a day at a 'proper' race track, or taken such a coveted car as my c63. I'm not bothered about being the fastest thing on the track (I'm sure I...
  9. J

    Sunny Day, Two Clean Benz!

    A very satisfying double cleaning session this afternoon in the sunshine... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. A

    New Car Day Today

    Evening all, had a lovely day today collecting our new E class from MB Manchester after a whirlwind couple of days, seriously can't fault these guys, they were absolutely superb to deal with. We had sold our W212 a fortnight ago privately and had intended to use the cabriolet for a while as...
  11. C36fan

    My day at msl.

    Yesterday I went to msl and had my cls decated and acid worked his magic and managed to produce 710hp and 900ftlb of torque. Many thanks to torqueflow team and msl to transform my beast , roll on vmax! Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  12. D

    Track Day Tyres

    Hi all, just purchased a set of Michelins been used on the track no blueing just scrubs tyres still have 7mm on all 4 so question is are they OK to use on the road and at £250.00 for set of 2x245 35 19 fronts 2x265 35 19 rears are they value for money just took a bit of a punt hope I havnt just...
  13. S

    AMG Day - With Kids

    Hi all, I have my AMG day booked in for 13th April and when I called them this morning they said I could also take my son and one of his mates and they could be in the car when I'm on track which I'm pleased with. I'm booked on at 1.30pm but thought I'd ask if you thought it would be worth...
  14. Abb

    Happy St Patricks Day

    To all those that celebrate, wishing you a very happy St Patricks Day :thumb:
  15. L

    What a great day it's been...........

    To take my toys off SORN. :bannana: Decided last night that they've been sitting, almost unloved, for too long, so taxed the R107, the Exige and the Evora all at the same time. First run at 7 o/c this morning was a 92 mile run in the Exige, followed by a 105 mile run in the Evora and finishing...
  16. W

    RIP John Surtees...........what a sad day!

    John surtees Just heard that John Surtees has died.
  17. P

    Finally new (used) car day is here:)

    Well finally picked up our new C250 AMG estate. It had been detailed inside and out ready for us, brimmed to the cap with diesel and everything updated all ready to go. 4x new tyres, full service, new MOT, 2 new rear pads, updated command maps and firmware(works with iPhone 7 seamlessly now)...
  18. BarryWhitt

    Me again...just found these on my one day old car.

    Having picked the car up yesterday brand new and my other thread re scratch on the bonnet I have just found these blemishes on both offside wheels while I gave the car a good clean after all that rain yesterday. The marks are in the varnish as they didn't come off and were very smooth. They...
  19. ACID

    Dyno Day Offer

  20. JimGreen

    Great Day at MSL.............

    Well, having sold my 62 plate C63 and tried a few alternatives, I purchased it's replacement................. a 63 plate C63 :D:D:D:D I just couldn't find anything that gave me the same enjoyment, performance & luxury. I managed to find a very low mileage (10k from new) in white that appears...
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