1. jose7090

    LED daytime running lights

    How can I turn the LED lights on at all times including nights? I see every other MB out there with the LED lights on but not mine!! Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. S

    W166 - Changing Headlight bulbs to match the daytime running LEDS

    Hi All The standard headlights on our ML are far too yellow for me and i'm thinking of changing them for a brighter white colour. Has anyone done this on their ML? Is there a how to guide on this? Anyone know which xenon bulbs i'd need to buy? Many thanks Suraj
  3. C

    Replacing W204 C-Class daytime running light

    The good old Spring health check has noticed that one of my daytime running lights has a hole in it. Does anyone know if a total amateur can purchase and replace this quite cheaply/straightforwardly? No doubt MB will be seeking upwards of £500.00.
  4. M

    C63 Daytime Running Light Issue

    Hi Guys, it looks like I have had a stone chip which has split my Left Daytime Running light and let water in and now only a couple of the LEDS are working. Whats the best course about getting it fixed? Are they hard to fit a New Daytime running light yourself? Looks like I can get a...
  5. K

    daytime running lights

    Hi Just got my c220 2012 today and I cant get the DRL to work. they light up when I lock the car OK. I have them set to come on from the settings but they dont work. Ive tried them with the lights off and the lights on auto. Any Ideas? Ive seen a few threads but cant find the answer
  6. M

    2012 c class (DRL) daytime running lights

    Hello, hopefully someone can help me out here, i bought a mercedes c class 2012 executive model, the daytime running lights go off at night and i cant seem to get them on permantly. I know a few people with c class and they have the same lights and they stay on all day and night...
  7. ash59fifty-uk

    W204 (Pre-facelift) LED Daytime running lamps

    Hey all I have these for sale, OEM-look DRL's that will fit onto the pre-facelift C Class with the sports bumpers only. Perfect if you wanted to upgrade to these without changing the bumper. I paid £170 for them delivered, selling these at £110 delivered or £100 on collection, I think that's...
  8. P

    W212 daytime instrument illumination vanished

    I may be imagining things but I'm sure that the instrument cluster on my 2014 w212 used to be brightly lit during the daytime and then softly lit when the lights were on. I noticed yesterday that it's no longer lit at all in the day and I can't find any setting to bring it back. This evening...
  9. KillerHERTZ

    W219 CLS55 - LED Daytime Running Lights DRL Mod

    Following on from my CLS55 AMG thread HERE Since owning my W209 I have wanted to update the front of my car with some OEM style DRL's. As with all my mods (well, ignoring the recent Brabus front grill) I try to keep them looking as if they possibly came out of the factory with the modified...
  10. P

    W211 Daytime running lights

    I have a 2007 E320Cdi Sport and I purchased soem neat DRL`s from Germany, my local garage fitted them some months ago but recently I have had to taske the car into the local MB garage due to faults appearing. The garage has disconnected the DRL`s as they think they have been connected up...
  11. HollowPoint

    Daytime running lights on at night?

    So this has probably been covered before, but I can't find it in a search, so figured as a newbie still finding my way around the car and the forum, I'd start a new thread. I've been trying to figure out how to get my LED daytime running lights to come on at night, but am at a loss. Almost every...
  12. A

    daytime running lights

    I have just boight MB C200 2012 does anyone know if you can have daytime running lights on at night with main beam thanks .
  13. Benplym

    Daytime Running Lights w164 Ml280

    Have seen this done a couple of times with people claiming they have done the mod themselves and it turns out a car shop of some sort did it. Has anyone ran "switchback DRL's" on the indicator strip at the lower part of the headlight. There are 2 tubes that carry and spread the light of the...
  14. The _Don

    Theft of w204 led daytime running lights

    A friend had his led lights stolen from his 2011 c class, just a heads up to be careful they seem to be rather easy to remove with just four screws holding each light housing in situ. Cost from mb to supply and fit two new units.
  15. Deane x

    Daytime running lights / brabus fog lights

    On my S500L there is two grills in the bumper where you would think fog lights would be , after looking at pic on net the brabus has fogs there it possable to buy them and would they fit and is there a alternative like daytime running light that would fit
  16. G

    Daytime running lights

    Hey up my friends,fitted some daytime running lights,earthed them ok but looking for a positive feed,any ideas where I can pick one from,thanks
  17. Lee C63

    Error free Daytime running lights

    Has anyone fitted LED daytime running lights on the W204 or the LED license plate lights? Just wondered if there are any opinions or horror stories with these. iJDMTOY Car LED Lights Installation Pictures Gallery For Mercedes :dk:
  18. J

    SLK Daytime Driving Lights

    I recently bought a 2013 SLK250CDi AMG Sport with standard halogen headlights; during the day the DDL come on but as soon as headlights switch on DDL go out (unlike my EClass); is this normal?
  19. S

    C Class w204 facelift - Nearside daytime running light staying on all time (dim)

    Hi all, Wondering if you could advise... I have a 61 plate C Class Saloon Sport Edition 125. Tonight I've noticed that the nearside daytime running light stays on at all times but is much dimmer than full brightness. Has anybody seen this issue before? Do you know what could be causing...
  20. F

    Pheasant vs W212 E Class Daytime Running Lights - FIGHT!

    Driving near Oxford yesterday and I hit a pheasant. It jumped out of the bush and just stood in front of the car. I was doing about 50mph. There wasn't time to brake and avoid it. I don't think I killed it outright. When I looked in the rearview mirror it was flapping like crazy. I don't think...
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