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    Aston Martin DB5 & DB6 - Walk Around

  2. Gucci

    The Official Gucci & Burger DB5 1:8 model thread

    Flying in the face of popular opinion, the controversial DB5 1:8 model will be built over the coming 85 weeks. Don't forget to see the development in every detail. Yes, you'll scoff and offer up your "IMHO"s but that's too bad. We shall build them on the beaches, in the streets, on our dining...
  3. Burger

    Aston Martin DB5...

    ...James Bond edition... My wife bought me the first edition today so it looks like I'll be building one over the next 85 weeks... James Bond 007 Aston Martin DB5 - Build up 1:8 Aston Martin DB5 Replica The initial blurb is quite promising and if the quality is as good as the Orery and...
  4. A

    Aston Martin DB5 on the ring

    Aston Martin DB5/Vantage V8 on the ring If the production model (4.3 litre V8 & 380 bhp) gets even close to that engine sound, the Porsche 911 should be very worried indeed - amazing sound! :rock: http://www.automotorsport.se/filmer/astondb5/astonmartindb5.html
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