1. F

    Help centre command dead

    hello. i have a lot electric problems with my cl500. any buttons of the center console doesn't work. even the audio system and airconditor are dead.. my batterys went flat since then all centre controls dont work :confused::confused::confused::confused:
  2. John

    Linkin' Park frontman dead...

    Can't say I was huge LP fan, although I did like Numb a lot, but nevertheless a bit sad when someone calls it a day...
  3. Flyinspanner

    W215 centre console switches dead

    Hi, Went away for a holiday, and on return, the centre console switches have 'failed'. There is no function for hazard warning lights (indicators work fine). The door lock/unlock. Rear headrest release. Parking sensor on/off. ABC raise/lower. Sport mode. ESP on/off. Car drives A ok...
  4. gaz_l

    Dead SLK in Holland..

    So, we've been on a bit of a mini-tour of Europe these past few days and yesterday we were in the Netherlands, s'Hertogenbosch for fans of specifics. Having been to the Noord-Brabant museum to see some Van Goghs at SWMBO's insistence (don't bother; they're rubbish), we set off heading for our...
  5. Cymruambyth

    Dead Pedal

    I`ve only just noticed that I don`t have a dead pedal matching my sport pedals!!! I`ve done a quick search and can only find ones which secure using sticky tape. Has anyone fitted this type and if so, do they actually stick to the carpet? I imagine it would be a bit wobbly! FOOTREST FOOT REST...
  6. Palfrem

    E36 dead as a dead thing

    Here's a funny one. Took the E36 for a spin on Saturday - all is well. Put it in the garage, definitely no lights on, door closed, etc. Came to start it today - nothing! Not even the click of doom from the solenoid. It's a newish battery and according to the needle on the charger...
  7. E

    The SL is dead; where best to dispose of the corpse?

    The R129 is dead; washed it today, and it still looks good. The plan was to take it for MoT tomorrow, then sell it, but it wasn't having that. It's scrap, or a serious project... What's good? Firstly, the AMG bodykit; it even has all the jacking point covers, at about £100 each. :eek...
  8. PJH

    W204 is dead

    Wifey's W204 C180K won't start, no warning lights. When inserting the key there isn't the usual CLICK when it recognises the key. Tried both keys, same result. Presumably the immobiliser is still ON. It that correct ? Battery has 14 volts.
  9. A

    R129 Dead battery

    Hi New to the forum and hit a problem with the SL320 R129 1999. Can anyone offer some advice? Looks like the CTEK charge was inadvertently switched off as the battery is now dead and the alarm was pathetically chirping. Car is in my garage with door open to stop alarm. Unfortunately...
  10. Steveml63

    Martin McGuiness dead!

    Good riddance!
  11. W

    w211 dead battery

    Hi all, hope your well. on the W211 e320 cdi the battery is in the boot. this battery is dead (dead flat). the car is locked & cant open it, the key is not a key, (if you get me..& its the only 1 we got when we brought it). so there is no key to put in any key hole. theres no power to...
  12. Chalpkin

    Dead C320!

    F**king myopic Audi drivers! My trusty (if slightly rusty), C320 has been written off by a geriatric A5 driver who wanted to occupy my lane whilst I was still in it! The resulting collision was enough to cause £3000 worth of damage to a car worth £2500 so the flying aubergine has gone to the...
  13. R

    Start-Stop is dead - MB350S

    Hi there, Mercedes lovers, I hope I might find help here. Approximately 3 months ago Start-Stop function stopped working (Mercedes S350, 2015, ordered and bought from a MB dealer – still under MB 3 year warranty). It just stopped working altogether, no if and buts – AC, music system...
  14. jon.english68

    dead key c204

    Hi Guys, I am probably going to drive you all mad as I am new to the world of Mercedes, I picked up my C220 Coupe yesterday and it comes with 2 keys, however 1 of the keys is completely dead, doesnt unlock or lock the car and it would work in the ignition either, is this just a...
  15. markjay

    Fidel Castro, Cuba's former president, dead at 90

    Fidel Castro, Cuba's leader of revolution, dies at 90
  16. CLS-Reece

    Cls 350 non start, no tick. Dead!!

    Hi there Bit of a long shot as this is really weird. Was checking the car yesterday as it's been using more fuel than usual and sounding abit ruff, found a few oil leeks and then noticed that the oil breather pipe coming off the intake-turbo pipe was blowing smoke into the system. So took it...
  17. D

    Dead battery ?

    As with most electrical problems this seems to be the usual pain in the rear. I've had my 01 cl500 about 8 weeks and had the battery go flat twice. Long story short I charged it the 1st time and was ok for about 4 weeks. No reason why it went flat as far as I'm aware( all lights etc off) last...
  18. T

    AMG style dead pedal

    Matches the AMG pedals perfectly with the raised rubber as the oem pedals. As new condition £25 delivered. Pictured in my car - car now sold.
  19. S

    W220 removing driver's seat when motor is dead

    Hi, I took my W220 to my specialist of choice as the driver's seat had stopped moving forward & back. They couldn't get to the motor to test it but got a diag code (£50) to say the middle motor hall sensor was not responding. (I have checked the relevant fuses) The reason they couldn't...
  20. S

    Advise, please - charging dead battery on CL600

    Hi everyone, 2003 Merc CL600 Biturbo I left it too long and the battery is really drained - not even the lights come on. Car won't unlock except with the metal key bit. I have a booster pack putting out 900 cranking amps and a Jag V8 with a good 100ah battery to jump start it with...
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