1. R

    Dealership tried to screw me.. advice on what to do?

    Bit of a long winded story, so I'll condense it to the key points: I bought a 2011 BMW M3 a couple of months ago from a main dealer (won't name and shame yet). I decided to get it up on a ramp, mostly out of curiosity as to what it's like underneath. To my horror it was raining oil from both...
  2. J

    How much can you haggle with mercedes benz dealership?

    Hi all, on the verge of securing my first Mercedes, just one final phone call away. As the title suggests how much can you expect to get off a brand new car from Mercedes? The car I'm purchasing on Finance is a C 250d Amg line coupe which will arrive in march if i go ahead. Im new to this area...
  3. D

    Lookers Mercedes dealership

    Guys, I've just seen on the internet that Lookers have brought Dayton Mercedes and Knights BMW /Mini. Dayton own the dealership that I use at the moment, I know Lookers had a car super market at Burton that didn't have the best reputation. I was thinking, do I need to find another dealer? I...
  4. ian1676

    Dealership Servicing - Beware!!!

    A word of warning for members taking their car to an MB dealership for a service!! Despite having a full MB service which stated the air filters had been changed at 28495 miles (June 2010) and 70435 miles (August 2014). I have just had it serviced by a trusted mechanic for the first time...
  5. flat6buster

    MB Dealership SMART repairs

    Just wonder if anyone has experience of MB dealership smart repair services? I think some of them undertake their own (not sure how I find out which ones do?) and I wondered how they compared price & quality wise with the likes of Chips Away?
  6. The _Don

    Driver crashes £1 million Ferrari moments after leaving the dealership in Hungary
  7. R

    GTs collection - dealership gripe - interested in JBD view

    I fully appreciate that the below may well make me look like a pompous tw@ so move on if you think so ! Nonetheless it's really peed me off so I thought I'd document it. Almost exactly a year ago I submitted an order for an AMG Gts. Throughout that wait the experience has been mixed, a very...
  8. merc85

    BMW Car Dealership, Not interested??

    My wife and i have/are looking into a change of Vehicle and have viewed quite a few different makes and models of vehicles. I simply cannot get over how badly the BMW salesman came over towards me and my wife. I've viewed Brands from Nissan, Vauxhall, Mazda, Kia Mercedes & BMW Believe...
  9. Beefy84

    AMG Performance Day at dealership

    Hi guys, thought I'd briefly tell you about my fun morning! Got an email through a week or two back inviting me to attend an AMG Performance Tour day at my dealership. Had no idea on the format or what to expect apart from on signup they asked which AMG's I was interested in (all!) so I...
  10. Maurauth

    New SLK250 125 edition - Bit of a mix up at the dealership!

    Thought I might as well post it here as well as on the SLK forum I've joined. Had a bit of a mare yesterday after putting a deposit down on an SLK250 CDI, I started to have second thoughts as it didn't have the airscarf, COMAND and I just wasn't sure about having a diesel "sports car"...
  11. jonnyMercUK

    Brand new car damaged by dealership

    So annoyed right now.... I'm due to pick my brand new car up today, along with my wife's approved used B Class. It was my wife's birthday last Monday and mine on tomorrow so a nice treat for us both. The salesman is a good friend of mine however yesterday I had to have a very difficult...
  12. R

    2012 CLS W218 Airmatic went out......back from the dealership

    My airmatic on my 2012 CLS550 w218 went out last week....the car was slammed to the ground on all four wheels. I had the car towed to the dealership based on my service advisors advice. Apparently, there have been issues with what they call the "pre-fuse" box. The relay (built into the pre-fuse...
  13. 55NF

    Mercedes Dealership Service ! I'm Not Happy !

    I've recently (last 14 days) purchased an E Class W212 from a franchised Mercedes dealer, and I have to say the service has been shocking. So much so that I feel I must get some advice here. The car is the best I found after searching, and I like it. Firstly, I collected it and the...
  14. V

    Recommend A Dealership in Glasgow?

    Hi all First post so be gentle! I'm edging ever closer to buying a new C class. I've worn out the online configurator and its time to visit a dealer, arrange a test drive and hopefully place an order for a C220 AMG Line. Does anyone have any recommendations for a dealership in the...
  15. John

    Anyone on here sell cars for a main dealership like Mercedes?

    As the question really. Thinking about a possible career change at some stage in the future when money is not really an issue and wondering what the job is like. Highs, lows, stress, remuneration etc...
  16. P

    Car in dealership - Suspiciously worried.

    I have a 2005 CLK under Merc service plan. I cancelled my warranty last year. My car was fully serviced and passed as tip top condition less that a year ago by Merc. The oil warning came up a couple of times recently and the last time I put 1 litre in, as advised, when filling up. That...
  17. travelininstyle

    A Good Dealership Story to Share.

    Well my PCP was due to end and this been my first,I was full of anxieties about the options in front of me - so I began looking at different options - including buying ! - the car I was due to hand back came from MB Stockport Dealership and it was a very nice low millage CLK - but before rushing...
  18. I

    Alan Day dealership in Mayfair in the 80's?

    Hi, does anybody know what happened to the Alan Day dealership in Mayfair? I'd like to get in contact with the business, perhaps it changed names or something? If anyone happens to know I'd be grateful. Thanks!
  19. BTB 500

    Replacing disks & pads on the Vito - car dealership versus commercial dealership

    In 6 years / 49k miles I've only had the front pads changed once on the Vito. It's a big heavy beast and automatic to boot (not much in the way of engine braking), so no surprise that it's going to need new disks & pads all round in the near future. The car dealership in Ascot now services...
  20. Stooby72

    movin newbie dealership woes,anyone smell dung to finally C Class owner

    !!! Stop press!!! Mercedes benz dealership delivers!!! 40 year old left stunned by customer service!!! OK layin' it on thick but after more than a few hassles Mercedes benz of Ayr came good 2 weeks late but,24 hrs early, only reason I'm namin' them is I shamed them in previous posts, but got to...
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