1. H

    Do dealerships give gifts?

    The last time I bought a new car, BMW gave me a golf bag and a pen/pencil set. Just wondering if Mercedes give you anything when you purchase a new car?
  2. M

    MB dealerships are dangerous..

    ... to your wallet. Last week I visited my local dealer to pick up an accessory and low and behold in the reception they had an April 2014 E63 AMG in Palladium silver with Crystal Grey Nappa interior, panoramic roof and optioned with the Limited slip differential and steel brakes that they had...
  3. A

    MB dealerships fire sale

    MB starts retail group sell-off | Auto Retail Network Not cars, ACTUAL dealerships!
  4. Aletank

    Abandoned Dealerships With Stock ?

    Do you think this really happens ? Amazing Pictures Of Abandoned Ghost Car Dealerships - Gleems
  5. W

    Mercedes Dealerships in Surrey - Brooklands Mercedes Benz world

    Have any forum users dealt with Mercedes Benz Worlds Brooklands and if so how did you find their service and attention to detail? I'm an old cynic and worry they could be just "too big" to offer a great personal service?
  6. The Boss

    What about the dealerships?

    OK So Mercedes launched some new metal in Detroit at NAIAS yesterday one thing that came out was between 2013 and 2020, 13 entirely new models are going to be launched.. um now last time i looked.. im sure, Milton Keynes aside, the dealerships have some serious space shortage.. i mean they...
  7. M

    Who sets parts prices, MB UK or the dealerships?

    Just curious as I just bought 2 headlight wiper blades from my local main dealer, who charged £12.70 + vat each. When I checked online this evening I see Inchcape sell the same part for £6.70 inc vat each. Is my local dealer extracting the Michael? or does inchcape system just need updating...
  8. N

    Niket's indepth guide of various MB dealerships and Indies

    First of all i'd like to say a massive thank you to all the guys on here for their vast knowledge and for answering any questions I have had with regards to my W203 or W219. Now I'm the type of guy that if there is something wrong with any of my cars I can not sleep at night till it is fixed...
  9. S

    Dealerships are getting it

    OFT investigates Mercedes-Benz dealers - Telegraph This is good.
  10. MB-BTurbo

    German dealerships puts ours to shame

    This is probably the best dealer website I have seen and have just enjoyed going around looking at all the exotica. Enjoy. AUTO - SALON - SINGEN / virtual tour
  11. biffothebear

    New member - advice on approaching multiple dealerships... negotiate best price for a new C63 (sorry, I know mentioning C63 seems to annoy some people on this forum, which was why I never mentioned it in the title!). I obviously want to get the best deal, particularly as I will be trading in another vehicle (Audi A8), but I'm not sure what is the...
  12. Spinal

    On Dealerships...

    So today I called a Mitsubishi dealer looking for a small part for the rally car... I quickly realised why I like dealing with Merc dealerships, even if more expensive! I called the dealership number and got told that I needed to redial another number for the parts department, they...
  13. Alfie

    Good dealerships versus the others. Results

    Following on from my earlier thread last week concerning what I did to source the right car..... For those who didnt follow that thread, basically I emailed every dealer in the country, with the exception of Northern Ireland, Jersey and the Isle of Man. I sent my email on a Sunday morning...
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