1. S

    Dodgy dealings?

    There seems to be a lot of this lately, auctions ending and then the seller putting the exact same item back on as buy it now with a higher price. Some items have loads of bids with a few pence or pounds separating the winner and losers. If the winning bidder didn't pay it would give the...
  2. snoop51

    Dealership Dealings

    My car is coming up for it's first service and I have the following dealership choice to make. Colchester (Near to home) or Canterbury (Near to work) I work away from home so stay in Kent during the week so convenience Canterbury wins, but I had a good buying experience from Colchester MB...
  3. gunning

    Any dealings with this guy and is it genuine? Saw this on ebay and as you know the plan is to fit an C36 amg exhaust, i prefer the C43 bumpers but im not too fussed for now and this is cheap. Is it genuine and has anybody had dealings with this bloke...
  4. SimonsMerc

    Dodgy dealings?

    For the second time in the last week, a bunch of guys in an old shape cyan Ford Mondeo have pulled up next to me and asked if I want to buy a laptop really cheap. In fact they were willing to let a brand new Sony Vaio go for £100. I'm not stupid (well that's debateable but lets take it as...
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