1. lisa110rry

    Oh dear! The green meanie is poorly!

    I was driving home through Preston and the water reservoir light came on and the temp was visibly rising! Currently on pavement, hazards on, rescue called! Care to venture a guess what has caused this calamity? No prize to the winner!
  2. D

    Oh Dear

    I'm undergoing a complete kitchen referb for a customer. Ripped out on Wednesday, first fix electrics on Thursday & fully plastered on Friday. I popped in today to drop the paint in and the customer (30something year old single male (graphic designer)) had borrowed a dehumidifier from...
  3. grober

    Oh Dear! TOTAL RECALL 2012

    Watched this last night. Special effects have vastly improved but not a patch on the original I'm afraid. [YOUTUBE HD]sWMhADqlPYg[/YOUTUBE HD]
  4. ray d

    Oh dear test drove the "f" type v8

    Have made a bad mistake but took a extended test drive in the Jag F type. I thought our cars were quick but that car is in another league. Total animal at any speed. It has the "loud" button for the exhausts which is brill. Have been on to Merc dealer over here and have asked them to see if an...
  5. D

    Oh dear

    Daimler opens internal emissions probe - Daimler opens internal emissions probe - BBC News
  6. R

    Oh dear - 250sl Pagoda poss engine rebuild reqd - Nottingham - any specialists??

    Hi everyone - longtime since i posted.....phew...i wish i hadnt fallen in love with these pagodas.....anyway.....cosmetically my car is now 95%...mechanically (and i am no techy) the "big ends and mains" need replacing...does this mean i need an engine rebuild....other than a tune up i've had...
  7. D

    Dear God!!

    Mercedes-Benz SL Class 5.4 SL55 AMG 2dr
  8. st13phil

    Oh dear, indignant lycra lout fined £400 for speeding in Richmond Park

    Once again, a cyclist who thinks the rules don't apply to him. But they do... :D
  9. The Boss

    Mustard Seed Project - please donate for my dear friends challenge

    Gents, Ladies. howdy.. I have a truly amazing friend called Sonal who is doing an amazing challenge that i have soo much admiration for.. and I need your help!! She is training as hard as you would imagine,, 40km hikes on the weekend around the UK. Donations are critical now so the...
  10. grober

    Oh dear!

    Once more the German prestige brands come in for a hammering. Vorsprung durch Technik? German cars 'amongst least reliable' - BBC News Bottom of the table Bentley [ aka VW] in their defense hit back at the survey, saying it was “not an accurate reflection of the Bentley ownership experience...
  11. Davo

    I know Mercedes parts can be dear, but...

    This has already been mentioned on a 'replace your thermostat' thread but I thought I'd share it here... On Saturday I went to my local dealer for a fuel pipe for my W203 C270, and was given the little card reader to put my Visa card in the slot and key my PIN number in. I have the slip in...
  12. bob6600

    Big Truck + Black Ice = Oh Dear

  13. merc85

    Dear Santa ;)

    Dear Santa, Please buy me this for Xmas lol Mercedes-Benz E Class E55K 5dr Tip Auto 5.4 :D
  14. amiller81


    Just watching a few videos from the Gumball Get Together in Manchester today and came across these. Was is this anyone on here?
  15. Harrythedog

    Oh deer and Oh dear
  16. mymini007

    Oh dear

    STUNNING MERCEDES CLK 230K CABRIOLET CONVERTIBLE | eBay Stunning is not the adjective I would have used :fail "Genuine reason for sale" - Run out of disguises? :D
  17. grumpyoldgit

    1952 Mercedes-Benz 220 A Cabriolet "Earthly Paradise". Oh dear!

    A rare opportunity......Would you? 1952 Mercedes-Benz 220 A Cabriolet "Earthly Paradise" | Arizona 2014 | RM AUCTIONS Some beautiful classic Mercs in the sale, check them out!
  18. Ted

    Oh dear

    Mrs Ted has just made the Christmas cake from this recipe in this month's Prima. I kid you not.
  19. ecossebev

    Goodbye dear friend

    So, on my way to work on Friday morning, some muppet in a Rover 75 pulled out in front of me on a roundabout without looking and the inevitable happened. I've a funny feeling that was the last time l drove my W124:(. After almost 5 years of ownership, not once did she let me down or leave me by...
  20. Harrythedog

    Park between the white lines dear

    You just couldn't make it up! Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
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