1. F

    The year CDI Black death stopped occurring

    Hi from Australia I'm the sad owner of a 2003 ml270 with recurring black death :fail Yes my own spannering :fail Nice vehicle otherwise. What year did the boffins at MB decide to change the design of the injector seating to eliminate this (:fail) problem? Cheers Peter
  2. T

    done to death (aux input audio 20)

    Hi folks, ordered a cable from amazon aux line in for audio 20 great found the how to plug it in guide, however when I exposed the plug (in the passenger footwell) it didn't match the one from amazon. turns out I have bought the one that plugs into back of audio 20 unit. :fail does anyone...
  3. CLSMark

    Mike Brewer & family receiving death threats And isn't because of the rx7 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. brucemillar

    Car Modifications lead to the death of two you people.

    This is very sad indeed. Modifications to car 'led to the deaths of two young people' - BBC News
  5. B

    W639 - Black death again on back injector, advice needed.

    Hi, Vito 111 55 plate. Noticed some whiffs of fumes recently, took air filter off today and injector number 3(or poss 4) is leaking. I already fixed injector 1 last year Because the injectors are arranged front to back, injector 1 was easy to access but 3/4 look a lot harder! Has anyone...
  6. R

    Black death and top cover

    Evening all first post on here but have had vitos for a few years now So weve just fixed the injector that was giving us BD , the rubber gasket on the old top cover was knackd, a friend picked a new one up todayfrom main dealer. the only thing is this one has no rubber seal ,the thing is...
  7. M

    W204 black death at 39k miles!

    OK guys had the car for about 10 days now and covered about 800 miles. Full MB service and noticed a bit more engine noise and an odd smell. Lifted engine cover and saw what looks like back tar / black death. Car has been recovered back to the MB dealer for a warranty repair. Is it normal to...
  8. Ted

    Death at swingers party.

    Unfortunately due to this there is no way to get the **** Inn...
  9. C

    Black death

    I have a 53 C220 CDI with leaky injectors. The injector seats need to be recut but i'm not sure if this engine has flat seats or are angled. The cleaning/cutting kits on ebay contain both types so is there a definate way of finding out what type I have.
  10. jonnyboy

    back in the fold, with the black death!

    Morning all Am back in the fold after a wee while away. V+Been heavily involved in an almost-new crashed Defender project that's nearly done. May chuck a thread up about it if there's some interest. Bought an 07 Sprinter that is in need of a new turbo, not the best example but somewhat of...
  11. holbay

    Black death

    [/URL][/IMG] This is a Mercedes sprinter with 122,000 miles on it. And the owner said he could not smell anything wrong trust me it stank of burning diesel from 20 feet away and surprisingly there was no usual chuffing noise from it. But definitely the worst black death I have seen.
  12. John

    Ferrari Cali - death by E55K.

    Pulled up behind me in lane 3 at traffic lights on a long bend and very long dual carriageway. Started pulling away straight away and watched the gap get larger by the millisecond. It did try hard - I could see the front lifting up but no match for the old girl... It has 100KG on me but that...
  13. grober

    The Death Star re-discovered?

    jy6JcViPkWgScientists claim to have discovered a major new 9th planet in the solar system. On a different eliptical plane from the major planets its orbit may take it far away from the visible solar system. At the moment its presence has been inferred from its gravitational effects on other...
  14. S

    W211 black death query

    Hi All I've read a few threads concerning the "black death" on certain engines, I've got a 2008 W211 E220, I've popped the engine cover and all looks ok to me but just wanted to confirm i'm looking at the right area, are the 2 pictures below the right area to look at?
  15. ShinyF1

    Indycar Driver Justin Wilson Death

    This is sad news - a good racer who never got the chance he deserved in F1 Justin Wilson: British IndyCar driver dies after crash I watched part of that Indycar race on Sunday night and it was one of those races - cars actually looking fast...
  16. M

    Injector leak (black death).

    Hi all, just discovered the injector leak while i was adding windscreen fluid, i could see a small oil like stain on the plastic engine cover, so i took it off, only to discover the first injector leaking....oooh the joys of life!!!! With the cover off i could smell the gases, but not from...
  17. dan-mb

    Bikers with a death wish video

    Nothing against bikers but these two...well make up your own mind.
  18. grober

    Dawn and the Death Star

    NASA's Dawn space probe has just gone into orbit around CERES the largest object in the Asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Its been nicknamed the Death Star after the large artificial moon in Star Wars. The probe has taken 7.5 years to reach its destination and has already picked up...
  19. PeteTheOldGit

    SL350, scared to death.....

    Hi Guys & Gals Current C Class owner and really interested in buying an SL350 06 on model. Having read so so many horror stories regarding water ingress from boot and roof I'm pooing me pants about taking the plunge. Would be really interested in hearing from members with similar age cars and...
  20. D

    Vito 110cdi Black Death and Smoke

    Hi all, I ve read a few posts regarding some of the issues i have but can't seem to get an answer on one of them. I have a Vito 110CDi 2003 2.2l i have been having a sort of sucking/blowing noise since i had it but always disappeared after a few minutes i put it down to the vac system going...
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