1. st13phil

    UK Road Deaths Up - So What's Gone Wrong?

    Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. After years of focusing UK road safety on what can be easily measured automatically (i.e. speed) instead of what's important (driver quality, education, training, engineering, etc.) we seem to be hitting the buffers. We've got "Twenty's Plenty" and "Speed Kills...
  2. R

    Road deaths in Northern Irelamd.

    In 1972, with far fewer cars on the road, 372 people lost their lives on the roads of Northern Ireland. This figure fell ever after. In 2009 107 people lost their lives which was good, but not as good as 2010 when the figure plummeted to 55. This disappointingly rose to 59 last year. So...
  3. M

    Deaths on UK Roads

    This is quite a sobering link - UK Road Deaths 1999-2010 No surprises I guess, but some interesting stats on peak times for injuries for different traffic types, etc.
  4. Palfrem

    Road deaths reach new low

    BBC News - UK road deaths fall to record low I quote: "Compulsory seatbelts, drink-drive crackdowns and traffic calming measures are thought to have been responsible for the gradual reduction in the annual death toll in recent decades." But sadly, no credit to all the fine automotive...
  5. W

    UK road deaths hit 'record low'

    Some good news: BBC NEWS | UK | UK road deaths hit 'record low' Road Casualties in Great Britain: Main Results: 2008
  6. H

    Speed Penalties to Rise -Deaths Down

    Tougher penalties for speeding and other "excessive behaviour" by motorists are to be proposed by ministers as part of a bid to cut road deaths. Drivers who break the speed limit by a large margin could be given six penalty points, a consultation is expected to suggest, meaning they would be...
  7. scotth_uk

    Nurburgring deaths and some advice.

    Hi All, Sorry for lowering the mood, but I think that this is relevant to a few members who are looking to head over this year. I've been reading on the Ringers mailing list about a very unfortunate event that happened around 10:30am Sunday morning at the Nurburgring, where two bikers...
  8. T

    Police-related road deaths rise - BBC news

    Police-related road deaths rise An independent watchdog wants debate on policing the roads There has been a rise in the numbers of people killed in road accidents involving police cars. The Independent Police Complaints Commission said 44...
  9. Dieter

    Road deaths fall (at last)

    Hi, Road deaths are finally falling :D but it's not down to speed cameras :eek: as deaths up in N.Wales (GatsoPotty) and down in Durham (Gatsofree) :bannana: etc. Further info here: Also ESP stability systems (electronic...
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