1. flying banana


    Just debadged my S211 E320 CDI - despite being nearly 7 years old, no sign of paint discolouration where the badges have been all this time - all it took was 5 minutes with some T-cut and all is good. I've debadged it in prep for a stage 1 remap at PCS - booked in for next week :) Dead easy...
  2. Lee1092

    Mercedes cls 'de-badged' grill

    Hi there, this came on my car when I bought it but I'm not a fan of it so have replaced it with a single slat grill. It's come off my w219 2005 cls55 amg, I'm sure it'll fit most other cls's though but you'll have to make sure first! It has got a couple of big stone chips and its got a...
  3. Z

    Debadged residue?!

    Hi, I've just removed the labelling on the back of my estate (black) 2005 and having cleared all the adhesive etc there is still an echo of the missing badges! Is this the original polish or lacquer that hasn't aged or something else? Can I get rid of it and if so how? I'm assuming polish is...
  4. B

    HELP! Re-badging de-badged A class CDI

    Hi, Can anyone give me exact measurements as to where I should stick the lettering for the badges on the back please? Just purchased a used W169 A200 cdi and want to add these on. This would help to get them in the right place! Thanks, babybenz
  5. The _Don

    2004 Obsidian Black de-badged E55 AMG (2004)

    Cheap e55. Mercedes : 2004 Obsidian Black de-badged E55 AMG
  6. markjay

    Debadged or what?

  7. lynall

    German cars anyone know why most are debadged?

    Just come back from (Germany) and i reckon at least 90% of BMW and MB were debadged. Just curious as to the reasons why? Lynall
  8. Barryh

    Badged or De-Badged

    The SLK 350 has arrived but debadged.Not my choice. A.should I get it badged so as others do not think it is a 200,especially with my wife`s plate on it? B.Keep it as a wolf in sheeps clothing? C.Get it badged so as to show its strength? Vain I know,but.....:D
  9. Goldfish11

    Badged or Debadged, that is the question??

    I am considering debadging my E220CDI for looks. I decided to take a photo and then do a bit of photo shop work to see what would look best. The problem is I can not make up my mind, so thought it worth getting a poll going and asking the experts at the MBClub. I would really appreciate...
  10. B

    Car Completely de-badged

    Hi all, I recently took delivery of by pride and joy a mercedes CLK 55 AMG Convertible, I have just arrived back from a 3 week holiday to find my car has been completely de-badged the front flush merc sign, the CLK 55 and the AMG all gone without a scratch, I have seen replacements for the...
  11. H

    Debadged or Different

    Hi all, I'm a newbie to MB and to this forum so please xcuse this as a dumb question if it is one. I would like to know why some E Class cars say KOMPRESSOR on the offside of the bootlid and others do not?? I have found this to be the case with similar models of similar age and cant understand...
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