1. Maurauth

    [W204] Cleaning Residue from debadging

    I've always debadged the model numbers on the back of my cars with no issues, however when I took the Blueefficiency badges off the wings it left a lot of sticky residue that won't budge with the good old fingernails + hot water. I was wondering if you detailing experts could recommend the...
  2. Oldskoolflash

    Debadging a 2009 c220

    Hi, can anyone confirm if these badges are just glued on or are they pinned through the bodywork? Thanks in advance.
  3. Murff

    De-badging method

    Anyone got a good method of de-badging without damaging paintwork? I want to remove the e class and engine badge off the rear
  4. RobertoMercini


    I've tried to post this in technical to no avail. From previous threads there seem to be numerous techniques on debadging, from dental floss, to two credit cards, to hot water. Has anyone here actually ever done this, and which technique did they use? Thanks!
  5. Charles Morgan

    Police car de-badging

    I was walking along the Old Brompton Road this afternoon, and there was a police BMW 3 series stationary at traffic lights. Judging by the racket it was a diesel, so no chance of a silent arrest, and of course it had been de-badged. The rattle led me to think it was a mere 4 cylinder, and it...
  6. T

    Debadging a new car?

    Hi Folks, Been a lurker for couple of months and now signed up, first post. :) I have a new E250 CDi Coupe Sport on order to pick up in the new year and the dealer mentioned in passing about some buyers having all badges taken off for new car delivery. What is the purpose of this? Is this...
  7. h17n dj


    Hi guys, im not sure if i have posted this in the correct section or not....! i have a w202 C200 and my mum has a W203 C220 CDI and i was looking to debadge both cars... my car is silver but it is on a 2000 reg and my mums got a green/black 2005 reg, i was wondering if the paint difference show...
  8. B


    Have just ordered a C 350 CDi Sport (Black with black leather) for delivery in mid March. I am considering having it debadged simply to make it less attractive to thieves/joyriders. Does anyone have an opinion on this. Is a 350 a lot more likely to get nicked than say a 220. Thanks
  9. B

    The problem with de-badging

    Given that they have over 90 cars on ebay at the minute you would think they would know better...
  10. blueserenity777

    Debadging after 4 years

    I am thinking of debadging my the original Kompressor on the left and MB bodyshop stuck the AMG logo on the right when I got my AMG bodykit done.. Car is Obsidian Black..Car is just over 4 years old..had supagard on it at new..If i remove the KOMPRESSOR, will it leave a mark of the...
  11. A


    Now how do i do this, with out there being an imprint of the mercedes sign on my boot.. :confused: ;)
  12. tudu

    De-badging C Class

    Hi All quick question. My (55) C200K Sport came with an AMG badge stuck on the righthand side. Whats the best and safest method of removing it without damaging the paintwork as i want to start detailing the car. Regards.
  13. D


    I have just bought a 230 SLK (Jan 1998). It has the 230SLK badge on the boot, but no Kompressor badges on the front wings. Were there some models produced this way?
  14. M

    Debadging Quick Question

    Hi guys Im a new MB owner after working my way through ford, vauxhall and BMW. Loving it so far! If I take the badges off the rear of my C180 will there be any holes? Appreciate some advice. Cheers Matt
  15. M


    Hi, Where is the best place (cheapest) to debadge the car...stealers..garages...??? How much would is cost?
  16. MercedesBent


    Is it easy? How does one do it? Just thinking about losing the boot badges!
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