1. S

    W209 Clk55 Decat pipes or pipe diameter

    Hi folks I'm the happy new owner of a 2003 Clk55,and looking to remove the secondery cats, leaving everything else stock, original single AMG rear box . Ideally someone will point me in the direction of decat pipe kit, or alternatively give me the original pipe outside diameter so i can cut...
  2. JimGreen

    C63 Remap, Secondary Decat & Quaife LSD

    Well, after having my 2nd C63 back to where my old one was I'm now happy........ Thanks to the guys at MSL. After spending a few months searching for a late ultra low mileage example that I intend keeping for a very long time, I eventually found this late 63 Plate with just 10k miles on the...
  3. AndyKO

    De-cat & Muffler delete W211 270 CDI

    Anyone done the above? or have any of you had custom stainless systems made with the twin tail pipes? I'd love to know from where and see pictures please guys :thumb: for OFF ROAD use of course!
  4. sssammm

    I dont need a de-cat....

    Loll so funnny
  5. ACID

    C63 AMG Remap, Secondary Decat, Res Delete & Dyno

    C63 AMG we had in yesterday for a Remap & Dyno @ MSL Performance!! Equipped with a Res Delete and Secondary Decat from the boys at Torqueflow Exhausts Stock: 393.08 Whp (463.83 Bhp) 397.33 Ft Lbs Torque (468.85 Ft Lbs Torque) Tuned: 443.87 Whp (523.77 Bhp) 411.46 Ft Lbs Torque (485.52 Ft Lbs...
  6. ACID

    Remap, Decat & Dyno on a C63 AMG

    Another happy customer with a Decat, Remap & Dyno on their C63 AMG!!! Remap and Dyno by MSL Performance and Decat done by the lads at Torque Flow Exhaust. C63 with Decat Stock: 381.37 Whp (450.06 Bhp) 382.62 Ft Lbs Torque (451.49 Ft Lbs Torque) Tuned: 446.60 Whp (526.99 Bhp) 382.62 Ft Lbs...
  7. R

    CL500 de-cat and x pipe...

    As above...anybody done this...if so...what's it like?
  8. merc85

    E320 cdi secondary De-cat + Exhaust

    Well been working on a friends e320 cdi, Has a Uprated intercooler like mine then we fitted quad rear exhausts, followed by a secondary de-cat. Sounds absolutly lovely "que the backlash" from derv haters lol, Spools up faster and better throttle response, also its abit quicker...
  9. shaze30

    C43 decat pipe

    Anyone have a c43 amg w202 decat pipe?
  10. M

    W203 270cdi auto noise

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated , i posted a youtube video with the noise, it was filmed while the car was in P. I noticed that the sound will occur no matter what the position of the gearbox lever, no matter if the car is rolling or is parked. As a rule it will start only after the...
  11. italian_cls55amg

    Thank You Eurocharge

    I've owned my CLS 55 AMG a few months now and i absolutely love it but there was one thing missing for me and that was that i found the exhaust note a tad too quiet. Yesterday i had my car booked in with Eurocharge. I thought i was only going to make small changes to the exhaust but for the...
  12. italian_cls55amg

    Thinking of decat/resonator delete my cls 55 amg

    I bought this cls 55 amg and i absolutely love it. Even though i love the exhaust note I wouldn't mind it with a little more grunt. I contacted Eurocharged who gave me a quote for two different types of decat/resonator delete welding with xpipe in place, £200 difference in type of weld but...
  13. thebig1

    C63 DeCAT in Midlands Anyone?

    Hi Guys, Is there anyone atound the midlands that have a C63 with the secondary CATS removed / gutted etc. I want to hear what the differences is like in real life. Cheers!
  14. V

    ML320 de-cat and remap?

    Hello all March/2006 Merc ML 320 CDi This is a question about my friends Merc ML, which hes not had for very long but the troubles have already started. Within the first month of buying it the turbo failed, so he got a new turbo put on. This was about 3 weeks ago and its never ran right...
  15. markmifsud

    CLK 320 De-Cat

    My lower cats have a nice little rattle going on so need some advice. A, do I buy a new section from Euro Car Parts for 350 ish B, Get the cans cut open and have the cats gutted and welded back up. I would like to try option B first, does anyone have any recommendations to do this, close...
  16. L

    C 55 Amg decat but not over fueling

    Hi All South african here with have a huge problem.... bought a C55 AMG a year ago, has 150 000km full service history. only done 4000km to date. i know, my baby has to rest. lol the problem started when we decatted the car, removed the 2 front cats only. car is now burning black...
  17. poormansporsche

    Redneck DeCat - anyone done it before ?

    alright, One of the cats on my W202 C230k is disintergrating and as i run LPG emmissions is not an issue - I was thinking about just unbolting the back of the cat as smashing the fook out of it and hoovering out the remnants. I did it before many years ago to an old escort and it really was...
  18. K9 JSB

    E320 Decat - Scarred witless

    After hours of scouring Google for advice & information on decatting my W211 E320 CDI, I've managed to obtain pretty much nothing.. :confused: In fact I've been left with more questions and worries than I initially started with :doh: Okay, i'm going to quick fire my questions off and...
  19. J

    SL55 De-Cat

    Looking for slightly more noise from the SL though dont want it too intrusive when cruising. Talking to Olly at PCS he is suggesting a de-cat would be ideal. Anybody done this on SL55 and what were the results? Assume there will be no issues with MOT as will still have a cat.
  20. AshC63

    Valvetronic exhaust systems or De-cat ?

    Hi I'm Curious to know... Who's used a Valvetronic exhaust system of any type? Does it consist of a complete kit with a remote or is it a part system? Did you rate it money well spent ? I'm guessing that the main benefit is being able to choose when you want a loud exhaust...
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