1. C

    Dechroming issue

    Hello Folks In the process of dechroming my 2010 C63. Unfortunately, i got it back from the wrapper and they hadn't done the front badge or the fog light bulb holders :mad: They said the bulb holders were too difficult to do in situ. So are the chrome parts of of the bulb holders easy...
  2. B

    dechroming question

    I'm going to get my C63 dechromed. but for the guys that already had this done... Do they need to remove your headliner to deinstall the roofbars? Or did they just wrap your roofbars while still on the car? Or can you get those roofbars off without needing to loosen the headliner?
  3. D

    De-chroming W124 side cladding/mouldings?

    My W124 cabriolet has the mouldings/cladding that run along the side of the car with the chrome strip/inserts running along the tops of the mouldings.. Im toying with idea of having them de-chromed as most of the cars kitted with an AMG kit has mouldings with no chrome.... What I want to...
  4. gina2201

    Talking about "dechroming...."

    Found this horror at the auction today, shall I buy it?? (it's a c180) :eek: :crazy: I actually parked next to this when I had my kompressor last year, I bet he thought his looked the business outside the football club, I think mine looked a bit classier.....:cool:
  5. A


    Hi all, I have a w208 320 Elegance which I have debadged, put bigger wheels on and fitted with a big star grill. I saw a pic from another member here who's car didn't have the chrome strip around the windows etc. To see what it looks like on mine I have put black pinstripe over the chrome...
  6. L


    I rang Mercedes to ask if they can remove the chrome strips around their cars as BMW offer it is a service and they said no(clever isn't it!), does anyone know of any aftermarket tuners who can remove the chrome stuff or is it a no can do? Sorry just thought of another thing, can they be...
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