1. B

    Hi - and help to decide!

    Newbie here, just joined as in the market to fulfil my desire to get my dream classic. If I can decide which one! Want an eighties built merc as a useable classic, not to store away in a garage. Deliberating between W123 (230 or 280) coupe, W124 300E or W126 300SE. Fell in love with S...
  2. WDB124066

    This is what happens when you decide to go out with your sister's boyfriend

    Tormented Princess Diana 'given Valium on honeymoon but feared it was a Royal plot to sedate her' LSD may have been better for her...
  3. Rosso1

    Help me decide.

    Well I am a couple of months into my SL500 It is a beautiful 2002 model with out standing paint work. As soon as i got this car it was the right car to buy but really needed the wheel to be stripped and repaired and repainted this has been done and they look lovely but to be honest they take a...
  4. A

    Can't decide on colour

    Well just got back from my local Mercedes dealership, where I now have on order: E-Class E220d AMG Premium Plus Nappa Leather Saddle Brown Black Ash Wood Air-Balance Package 12.3" Cockpit Display Comand Online System 20" AMG Multi Spoke Wheels 360 Degree Camera However, I can't decide between...
  5. W

    Help me decide between these 2 used C220's

    Hi guys I have narrowed my search for my first MB to the below two cars: Car 1: Mercedes-Benz C Class C220 CDI BLUEEFFICIENCY AMG SPORT PLUS 2.2 4dr Car 2: Mercedes-Benz C Class 2.1 C220 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY Sport 7G-Tronic 4dr But I just cant decide which to get. Car 1: Newer, sport plus...
  6. P

    Whats it worth if I do decide to sell?

    I am considering selling my car. Please note that this is not a for sale ad, so please dont delete (it will be after X Mas if I do decide to sell) Its a W209 2003 320 Avantgarde Convertible. Its got a few miles on it :doh:, 120000 Excellent service history, not all Merc, some specialist and 2...
  7. Maurauth

    What do you guys think? - Trying to decide what else to do / Build Thread

    Hi all, I know SLKs in general, and most likely especially the look I've gone with with mine aren't everyone's cup of tea. That's fair enough, everyone's entitled to their opinion. But, what does everyone think? My thoughts for next steps are: "Duck-tail" spoiler off the SLK55 AMG Add...
  8. Palmer

    Help me decide!

    Ive just put my Dodge Ram up for sale and once sold will be looking for something a little more 'sporty.' Purely a weekend car, so MPG etc - i dont care - the ram does 15mpg anyway! Im leaning towards Mercedes. Had a few in the past. Tried Audi, didnt have that prestige feel to me, and it was...
  9. developer

    Can't Decide Between Bonnet Star Or Grill Star?

    Simples - just have both: Should be in Bodywork - my bad.
  10. BIG CAT

    New Member : Can't decide on DTUK or Superchips

    Hi All, firstly I am new to the forum and to Mercedes. I've been an Audi man having owned 4 of them as my last 4 cars (TT 225, TTS, S4 (still own) & A8 4.2 V8) I've just changed my A8 for a 59 plate MB E320 CDI BlueEfficiency Sport with 28k on clock, bought as an approved MB from MB dealer...
  11. Palfrem

    Benz or Beemer ? Can't decide....?

  12. SANJP

    The Ultimate E Class Grill ? You Decide

    Some of you guys may have already seen my other post regarding dilema i have with my front grill , so after a few hours on the old photoshop I have come up with some very interesting designs , Would be great to hear of your thoughts ! Design 1 Standard Chrome Design 2 Outer black...
  13. LTD

    When do you decide to scrap a car because of a bill ?

    Thinking about the Rover 75 thread .... When do YOU decide that a car is no longer worth repairing ? What do you do next ? Buy a car you don't know and then set about fixing all of it's problems ? Then wait for a big bill ? Is owning an older car a labour of love that means you do what...
  14. colin.c43

    How to decide? (C43 tyre choice)

    I need new rear tyres on my C43. Current tyres are Continental ContiSportContact all round. My priorities are safety and grip in the wet (let's face it, we get a lot of rain!) followed by quiet running. Price not relevant - once the right tyre is chosen then I'll shop around for the best...
  15. sidporsche

    E55 or E430 You decide

    MERCEDES E55 AMG SPARES OR REPAIRS | eBay :wallbash:
  16. biturbo

    Can't decide whether this is good sclass or bad

    1990 Mercedes-Benz 300 SE Automatic Two Tone Blue on eBay (end time 04-Apr-11 13:48:24 BST) Cant decide if this is terrible or classy, ala the old style 2 tone great mercs of the pre war era.
  17. B

    Insurance - how much, you decide

    I know insurance rates have been going up, but even thus forewarned I was a bit surprised. So anyone want to hazard a guess - from lowest to highest what my quoates for For background the car is a 1995 w124 estate In terms of insurance pros and cons -- I'm nearly 44, live central London...
  18. M

    W203 C220 CDI - please help me decide

    Hi everyone, I am new on here and wanted to get everyone experiances before I spend my cash on a Mercedes. I am looking at getting a W203 C220 CDI next year, please can you persuade me/disuade me from getting this car. I was looking at a W202 C250 Turbo Diesel as well, but I do like the more...
  19. T

    Help me decide

    Hi I'm new to MB and at the moment drive a 2005 Range Rover but I'm tempted by a 1997 MB S500 W140 limo. Is there anything I should be looking out for? the car has done 74,000 chauffeur driven miles. What is the real world fuel economy? and does anyone have experience of LPG conversions on...
  20. d w124

    Help me decide on centre caps

    As stated,I need your help to decide for centre caps 1. Silver ones with chrome star 2. The ones with the blue writing 3 I like this ones but not to sure how they`ll look NEW SET MERCEDES BENZ ALLOY WHEEL CENTRE CAPS AMG STYLE on eBay (end time 27-Oct-10 20:55:03 BST) I don`t think opt 3 would...
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