1. D

    Need something deciphering please

    I'm selling an Astravan 1.9 CDTi Sportive on eBay and received this message, can someone decipher it for me please? "Thought this is fiat engine, ivebeen told bymain dealer to vo foe isuzu 1.7 as the 1.3 and 1.9 are dis contineud by gm worldwide for a reason and the 1.7 isuzu is still in...
  2. H

    Help with deciphering work list !

    My father recently took his car in for a service at the main dealers, he also asked for the car to be checked because the A/C had stopped working, fuel guage not reading correctly and a ticking sound which lasted a couple of minutes on start up. I have attached a copy of the healtcheck report...
  3. L

    Help with Deciphering Old Serial Plate

    I am restoring a vintage tractor. Unfortunately it is virtually impossible to read the letters/numbers on the serial plate. A few can be made out. Is there any way of identifying the remainder? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanking you.
  4. S

    Deciphering an old reg plate

    Looking at a replacement reg for when the E55 goes, as F10 AMG is staying on the car. The one I've found is a 3 letter then three number type - is there anyway of finding out how old it is and where it was issued etc? Just being geeky - it doesn't really matter :o
  5. guydewdney

    Part number deciphering

    Thought I'd start a new project which will be useful. Part numbers are made up of four sections:- AAA BBC CC DD A refers to the chassis (202, 140 etc) B refers to the general area the part is used. for example 01 are engine related - so 016 is head related oil things (cam gaskets etc)...
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