1. C

    Decisions decisions

    Dear mbclubbers! Let me introduce myself. My name is Captain Twinky, and over the last five years or so, I've flitted between German and Jap cars. I owned a C180 some years ago and really liked it. It wasn't very fast but the interior was nice and it was a really comfortable and reliable car...
  2. 350e

    HUD, Yes or No. Decisions decisions

    I have maybe just this weekend to decide if I want to add the Head up Display to my 350e. What does anyone think about this option, waste of money or must have extra ?
  3. B

    Ordered a Merc, I hope I have made the right decisions

    I have always owned run of the mill cars, my last two being Mondeo's but now I have ordered a C200 sport petrol automatic. Decision 1/ I always pay cash and ideally keep cars for around 5 years but Mercedies are doing an offer if the car was bought with finance. I went via a broker but the...
  4. P

    Decisions decisions...Icarsoft or DELPHI DS150E Pro Plus NEWEST 2014.2

    I just cant make my mind up.....:confused: Which should I buy?
  5. gl boy

    F type !!! Or SL !!!! Decisions

    A month or so ago I was debating on having a new SL , trading in my 2 Mercedes cars for it..... But after driving past the jaguar dealer in Shrewsbury I'm now Tempted by the new f type cab !!! But my allegiance is Mercedes !!! Always said I'd never have a jaguar , but now I'm not sure !!! Lol...
  6. M

    New member, tough decisions!

    Hi, I have just joined here, I am currently looking for a new car, I have test driven a 2009 C320 cdi estate and love it, my wife loves the car too but isn't sure on driving it as she hasn't driven an automatic before and the handbrake is all a bit different to what she is used to. Anyway, could...
  7. T

    Stuck glow plug...decisions decisions

    I have a glow plug that's stuck in my CLK CDI 2005, I have took it to my independent who tried to remove it and couldn't. they told me its better to leave it than attempt to take it out and break it. They could use a third part to remove it....... They also said that its not really an issue when...
  8. LTD

    F1's crazy decisions.

    A cameraman gets hit by a stray wheel and suffers injuries to shoulder and ribs. FIA decide to ban media with TV cameras from pitlane. Paper and still photo journalists are still permitted. FIA decide to also make everyone in the pitlane wear helmets. That will certainly help chest or back...
  9. tombre

    What CLK to get, decisions, decisions

    Hi. I'm looking to get a CLK for the better half, I want to get a diesel Auto. They seem to have a variety of engines, 200, 220, 270, which one makes more sense for fuel efficiency, power, issues etc. Is there anything I need to focus on, which version and year would be recommended. There's no...
  10. M

    Decisions on joining the fold

    Hi All After many years of VAG ownership I have decided it's time to break away from the dull drums of Audi and VW ownership and join the three pointed club :) I'm aware that the E Class Convertible facelift is imminent and this is leading to quite a few good deals out there. Well I think...
  11. NISFAN

    Decisions decisions.....what new car?

    Did some serious car shopping this weekend and have narrowed it down to two cars. E350CDI COUPE - White 330D M SPORT - ??? Estoril Blue??? Haggled both down to some seriously good deals, less so on the BM but as it is a new car, to be expected. I do 30k miles a year so running costs factor...
  12. chrisbin

    Decisions, decisions - C250CDi Estate

    Ok, well I'd be interested to hear people's thoughts.....apart from gIzzE who's already "in the loop" and probably sick and tired of my emails!!! :o Situation is I have narrowed down my requirement to a C class estate auto. This will give me some useful added space and practicality, while not...
  13. C

    Decisions on a Benz

    I'm new to all of this Mercedes Benz stuff. I've got myself a Ford F150 and my wife has a Ford Fiesta. We're looking to buy a Mercedes Benz but we arent sure about what year and which are better on mileage. I've been to many places searching but nothing has really helped me decide. Im looking...
  14. C

    Decisions, decisions?

    V Class, Vito, Viano? Basically need one of the above to ferry 7 people and luggage, something newer than an 02 plate ideally and not been to the moon and back but.... Don't know which one to go for, have seen v-class and space was ok but heard a few horror stories about mechanicals. Also...
  15. bpsorrel

    Decicions, decisions!

    OK, so SWMBO has thrown me a curved ball! :D I think my heart knows the answer, but just out of curiosity, which option would you guys choose... :) 1. Chop 211 and Saab for CLS and keep newly acquired Celica (for fun and urban warrior duties!) 2. Keep 211 and chop Saab and Toyota for...
  16. Doodle

    Decisions decisions

    It's getting towards the time when I could do with something bigger than the Cupra. At the moment I have the usual suspects shortlisted: 530d/730d Sport (can't get on with SE interior) E320cdi (and an Accord Tourer as an outside choice at a cheaper price) I don't mind whether it's saloon...
  17. MountainRescue

    MIG Welder decisions

    The time has come to buy a new MIG welder. After discovering that the progressively worsening knocking coming from the rear of my 300 td was not just a worn subframe bush but in actual fact the rear section that the bush is bolted to has come adrift! After much head scratching I decided that...
  18. kurtdaley

    Decisions, decisions

    I've just bought a Peugeot 306xsi 1999 T with 90000 miles and full service history, cracking little car and was going to sell it straight on as I got it for the right money to make a few pounds on. My dilemma is that it's a really good car and a good drive. So should I sell the Peugeot or should...
  19. iscaboy

    11 Terrible Automotive Engineering Decisions

    11 Terrible Automotive Engineering Decisions
  20. M


    Well I keep drooling over Mercs especially having had one for my hols and loved the sense of occasion when sitting in it and driving it. Well after speaking yet again to swmbo she says "just get what you want".I thought I knew what I wanted but now I have no idea. I love the W124...
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