1. MissyD

    record deck

    Technics SL-J300R Quartz Direct Drive Automatic Turntable System complete with original power and DIN leads, manuals, packaging and box, £120 ovno, buyer collects or arranges courier from Southampton, thanks for looking.
  2. T

    for sale: Becker audio10 cassette deck from 2002 mercedes eclass

    perfect condition fully working becker audio10 be-3100 cassette deck, just removed from mercedes e320, professional removal. £99 open to offers p.m. me
  3. ss201

    S*d the luxury garage, I want a deck like this for nothing. Write a few hit songs and look what it gets you. Missed my way, obviously. Knew I should have been a rock star Recorded live at Daryl's House. Don't you just hate the man? "I Saw the Light"- Todd Rundgren, Daryl Hall - YouTube
  4. M

    6x9 speakers in rear deck ?

    Hey guys, just got myself a merc w202 and was wondering if 6x9 speakers would fit in the rear due to the original speakers being poor.
  5. petecb

    w208 replacement rear deck speaker/woofers

    doing a bit of 'youtubing' recently and found a video of some awsom 6.5" subwoofers by sony . cant find the link but if you type in ' 6.5-inch subwoofer test video ' on youtube its the one with the yellow sub in the pic . question is , has anyone seem a similar set for sale anywhere ? the...
  6. B

    W202 Bose rear deck woofers

    Hi guys, Would it be possible, or even advised, with the non-bose W202 system, to get the Bose rear deck woofers (I have them sitting around brand new) used with the Bose package, stick them on the rear deck and power them seperately with an amp? Just wondering how something would sound...
  7. G

    Pioneer dolby S cassette deck

    Bit of old school magic for those who still use cassettes. This has had little use. looking for £30 + postage. PM me if interested.
  8. I

    audio 10 tape deck working but no sound.

    Iam having problems with my audio 10 tape deck ,i took the car in for service B yesterday the audio system was working fine , when i got the car back i turned on the audio on, somebody had turned thew volume high .I turned the audio off , when i went to my car this morning i turned it on the...
  9. J

    Newbie on deck :)

    Hi all, just thought I would introduce myself. I am RicaSLK's husband, she has the SLK320, and I have the Japanese shopping trolley that is in the gallery:), although, I am on the lookout for a 190 Cosworth (with autobox :) ). Nice site, very informative, we both look forward to getting...
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