1. bob6600

    Mercedes VIN Decoder - How to do it yourself

    OK this has been posted many times in various other threads but gets buried and there seem to be numerous threads popping up for VIN decodes. Decoding your VIN will display the factory Datacard showing options fitted to the car at time of manufacture. If the vehicle has had options...
  2. dad4geer

    VIN Decoder explanation help!

    Thanks to PobodY for his wonderful VIN decoder link which I tried for my Merc and got following results. There are quite a few things which I don't understand at all so would be grateful if someone can explain what that option means. It would be embarrasing really if I have something in my car...
  3. CreosoteChris

    Nifty Ukranian VIN Decoder

    Came across this URL whilst reading a Jalopnik thread..... new to me, and I don't see it if I put it into MBClub search..... Online decoder that identifies the spec of Mercs from the VIN - certainly works nicely for my 23-year-old 220CE VIN: MERCEDES-BENZ (???????? ??????????) | CARInfo...
  4. B

    This is a vin decoder that works

    VIN decoder is the best online tool to check vin number | :thumb: HOPE THIS HELPS :bannana:
  5. B

    This is a vin decoder that works

    VIN decoder is the best online tool to check vin number | :thumb: hope this helps you :bannana:
  6. grober

    Vin decoder site

    These online Vin decoder sites seem to come and go but this one seems to work at the moment.VIN: ???????? VIN ??????????? Mercedes-Benz | CARInfo All caveats apply.
  7. T

    VIN Decoder - how, and how soon?

    I'm starting to get a bit giddy, because after some ridiculous hold ups my E350 is due for build next week, for delivery about five weeks later than originally agreed. As soon as it's built I'll get the VIN number from the dealer and would like to decode it to make sure everything is there...
  8. jukie

    VIN decoder request

    If anyone can help.... WDB2020332F814643 '99 T-plate C43. TIA.
  9. O

    Datacard vin decoder request please.

    Hi, Could somebody with access to the vin decoder find out what the spec etc is on my new car It's 59 plate E 220 cdi - WDD2120022A149804 Cheers in advance Dave
  10. A

    VIN decoder?

    I am aware of the various Russian sites, but none of them seem to be able to produce any results. Would anyone have access to a decoder? Would be extremely grateful for a list of options on my new (to me) 2011 C300 CDI 4Matic (VIN: WDD2040921A583066)
  11. B

    VIN decoder problems!

    Hi all, brand new here as today I bought my first MB a nice CLS320CDi, and I thought it would be so easy to find out all the listed options and variations fitted to me particular vehicle, I have searched for a decoder but almost all links go back to the "russian" site and I just cannot get it to...
  12. lordlee

    VIN Decoder help

    I have been searching around for a VIN decoder site now that the russian one has long since died. I cant seem to find anywhere to get the info from. Can anyone help at all or point me in the right direction please? WDB2083652F131795
  13. biturbo

    Vin decoder not working for my Sl60

    Hi, I am trying to check out the SL60 factory spec here, the suspension seems awfully good, i mean i was expecting it to be hard. Also the exhaust doesnt have any amg logos on it. When i try the vin decoders it doesnt work. Works fine for the s600. WDB1290672F149127 Is it because its an...
  14. whitenemesis

    Renault VIN Decoder?

    Does anyone know of a VIN decoder for Renaults similar to EPC or the Russian site for MB? Trying to discover the factory spec/options fitted to my daughter's new (to her) Clio TIA :)
  15. T

    VIN decoder

    Russian one does not work any suggestions?
  16. gaz_l

    A favour please.. VIN decoder.

    Greetings, Citizens. I wonder if there's any kind soul on here with access to a VIN decoder than could run a number for me (potential purchase :)) if I PM them the VIN? Cheers, Gaz
  17. N

    Russian VIN decoder site gone?

    The link I've been using for years doesn't go to the VIN decoding site anymore & I can't seem to find a new one. Has anyone got one?
  18. M

    124 "options" according to vin decoder

    hi guys, just popped a VIN into ye olde decoder over in ruski site and theres a few things i would like some clarification on if you can VIN WDB1240422C0***** Model 220 CE / E 220 Chassis 1240422C0***** Engine 111960 22 04**** Transmission 722428 03 ****** Order 0 3 537 79211...
  19. A

    Decent VIN decoder online ?

    I've tried the Russian site, but the car is brand new and doesn't like it....can't find any other online VIN decoders that don't give me garbage... Does anyone know of a decent site that works with new cars?
  20. lynall

    Russian vin decoder link please

    Hi i am after the link to the russian vin decoder as i cant find it:( i had it but not anymore. Thanks Lynall
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