1. C

    Vin decoding help needed.

    Hello. Anyone on here able to decode my vin for me please? Or show me how's it's done? Thanks Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  2. grosser panzer

    VIN decoding

    I am looking for the options list for my W211 e320cdi estate. On my old W126 500SEL there is an options label in the boot and in the service book that lists all the options fitted to that specific car but I can`t find it for the E class. Chassis number is WDB2112222B012697 Any help much...
  3. omega1

    CANBUS decoding - HELP!

    Hi all, I am desperately trying to get my W204 steering wheel controls (volume up and down) working on an Eonon G2110 unit (Eonon G2110 Android 4.2.2 Operation System 2 DIN 6.2 inch Car DVD Player GPS SAT NAV System Bluetooth Touch Screen: Electronics) but it does not support...
  4. MWCLS

    Help with decoding a vin

    Good afternoon , any help would be appreciated my sister is just about to purchase a w204.Before she commits can anyone give me the spec from the factory with the vin supplied. WDD2040012A929533 Cheers Michael
  5. S

    Vin Decoding

    Sorry to be a bore, but I want to find out if my SL55 AMG (2003) was factory fitted with F1 preformance option (pace car). If anyone can decode my Vin I would be grateful. Vin No. WDB2304742F047907 Thanks in advance. Tony
  6. Lxb3

    DND audio

    I know they're not technically an MB specialist, but I just got my Mercedes Audio 10 CD (Alpine MF2910 - and I can see why they called it an "MF") back from them, complete with working code (main dealer didn't have it, apparently my SL was ordered from the factory without audio... wonder why...
  7. J

    Decoding VIN numbers and all that

    Evening All, been looking at decoding my VIN number have had some minor success with a couple of russian sites until my virus checker went into overdrive can anyone point me in the right direction please My VIN number is WDB2110262A537863 thanks Joe
  8. eugekav

    Data card de-coding

    Hi,Is there a website that can explain all the numbers at the bottom of the data sheet. 249 330 423 461 500 551 580 613 668 669 673 756 802 833 882 984 989. Thanks for your time:thumb: Euge.
  9. T

    Becker radio decoding

    Battery was disconnected recently on my C43 due to ignition probs. Now radio is asking for a code which I don't have. It's a Becker DTM satnav/ single CD unit. Does anyone know how to obtain a code or any outfits who can decode them?
  10. I

    Can someone help with decoding my VIN no

    Hi all. In the process of looking at a merc C coupe, got the VIN number and would like to get the full datacard of the car in order to check the gearbox / engine, etc. I am concerned that it may have the valeo radiator. I just paid 15 to gain access to the EPC however when I click on the EPC...
  11. S

    Deciphering an old reg plate

    Looking at a replacement reg for when the E55 goes, as F10 AMG is staying on the car. The one I've found is a 3 letter then three number type - is there anyway of finding out how old it is and where it was issued etc? Just being geeky - it doesn't really matter :o
  12. jeremy156

    De-coding window markings

    Hi, Does anyone know of a place to look up the markings on car windscreens and other window glass? My car is fitted with PPG Solextra which I believe was standard on the 1998 Avantgarge model (any please correct me?) and my windscreen was replaced yesterday by RAC Auto Windscreens with an...
  13. A

    VIN decoding

    Hi, Is it possible to decode the VIN and identify the extras that came with the car along with standard information on the car. Pls let me know thanks Amolak
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