1. brucemillar

    Best deep cleanining product for PVC

    Folks I am again after some top hints on which is the best DEEP cleaning product for coated leather seats. These are 124 Mushroom leather but I know that the leather is coated in a PVC type stuff. It is that coating that I need to get clean as the leather underneath is fine. I also would...
  2. C

    The wife asked me to clean the dishes.....

    so had an operation today, and the wife went to work after and left me to recover at home, asked her if there was anything I could do to help out, she said I could clean some dishes... So I set to work... not sure if this is what she meant but I was happy Rears: and the fronts...
  3. dan-mb

    Cyclist with a low doesn't end well. :fail
  4. merc85

    s211 Steering Shimmy Deep joy lol

    Recently had both forward front arms changed, the brands were different, the car has developed a steering shimmy 48 -56 mph, just feel it when i have a light touch on the steering wheel. Ive also been getting a creaking from the nsf which im thinking is the forward lower arm agian which was...
  5. Jim G

    Dig Deep Ladies + Gents

    Please :thumb: Mercedes E63 AMG Weistec Supercharged 814Bhp | eBay?
  6. R

    Straight in at the deep end, First Merc AMG

    Hi, I'm Rob & live in the Leicester area, I wasn't really looking for a Merc, I just wanted a fast estate that was well equipped & a bit different, I happened to stumble across the C32 which seemed to tick all the boxes, After much research on the model & aware of all the possible fault's I...
  7. A


    2004@ MERCEDES MD CLK 55 AMG@FSH@EXCULSIVE@AMG@WHEELS@ | eBay rare wheels only a hundred made, clearly as I have never heard of them.
  8. A

    Some swirls and want a deep shine ?

    Hi guys I have not long brought my metallic Palladium silver c250 it has some swirling on roof guess from a car wash or poor washing, Anyway looking for a good product to use to remove or hide these and get a good deep shine ??? Will be doing it by hand Iam a great fan of meguiars have...
  9. N

    First time deep clean on SWMBO R172

    Managed today to do a proper clean on the 'Swmbo' R172 after finally getting some decent weather :thumb: This was the result after snow foam, wash, clay barring and a dash over with supagard (ex Ebay!). This being my first attempt, I'm quite pleased with the result :D Andy
  10. flango

    Deep cleaning interior plastics

    OK this weekend I'm going to attack detail and valet my mates newly purchased CLK W208. The interior plastic surfaces on his have quite badly ground in dirt in the grain, I've never valeted one that has been this bad before. I had a brief look last weekend and all the usual products Auto Glym...
  11. X

    Deep scratch

    How to remove a deep scratch don't want to sand or do anything drastic as it is a new car Thanks
  12. astamir

    18" deep dish alloy wheels

    Selling the wheels off my w211 estate 18" deep dish alloy wheels 9.5j the rear ones and 8.5j the front ones two rear tyres are very good 265/35/18 the front ones 245/40/18 a bit wear on inner side but can throw in two very good tyres 225/40/18 for the front. Small scratches on the edges...
  13. D

    18" BBS RS Deep Dish Staggered

    BBS RS 18" Staggered - White Centre's + Good Tyres (Lots of pictures) | eBay
  14. R

    Deep scratch removal ????

    Hi folks Planning on giving the motor a good wash and wax this weekend. Got a C class in dark graphite colour, noticed a few light scratches and one deep scratch on the bodywork. Any tips on how to get rid of these ? Can you recommend any products to buy and how to apply...
  15. Yogi bear

    Knocking from deep down?

    C180k engine from a W203....on idol it's making some knocking noises from what sounds like deep down somewhere! Any ideas or feedback is appreciated.
  16. M

    How Deep Can It Run....

    Just pondering about our love of the car we drive and the deep rooted hatred toward the "opposition" MB V BMW Subaru V Evo Porche V Ferrari Audi V Insignia...:D Being new to the Marque, I was really unsure if I had made the right choice. But having finally sorted the driving position out, it's...
  17. J

    In at the Deep End

    Hi all, Been lurking on here for ages prior to buying my first MB. Did lots of research before buying a 1993 500SL about 4 months ago. So a big thank you to all posters of information on these beasts, with your help, I hope I have been able to get a good'n at a very good price. I'm...
  18. Tankman

    In at the deep end?

    After a brief dalliance with an E220 Cdi (Eponymous German Taxi) which was a perfect steed for me and my elderly father (his car originally, enough said) on a week long tour of Scotland, I now have a proper Mercedes-Benz. 1998 Special Edition SL500 with Panoramic roof. Bought cheap off of...
  19. Colin_b

    How deep is an SL500 boot?

    I need to find out if a wheelchair, folded, will fit in an SL500 (R230) boot. Needs to be at least 66cm front-to-rear. My SLK is only 57cm. I can't the boot dimensions on t'intrnet, just the capacity in litres. Does anyone know the size, please?
  20. SPX

    How do I clean deep stains on cloth back seats?

    I've tried scrubbing with fairy washing-up liquid, Vanish stain remover and a couple of more off-beat ways of trying to get rid of these stains. Anyone have any ideas or tips? Thanks in advance.
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