1. garycat

    Audio20 - Changing the default radio station?

    When I switch to DAB, the radio is always tuned to talkSport instead of the last station I was listening to or one from my presets. How can I change the default radio station?
  2. vijilants

    W204 NTG4 Command default phone selection ?

    Folks, Can anyone out there advise on the following please ?.... On my W204 NTG4 Command system, I have my bluetooth phone set up and it works. However, every time I get in to the car, rather than the phone automatically connecting, on every occasion I have to go through the menu in Command...
  3. ChrisEdu

    Default display now my speed

    211 facelift E-class I don't know what I've done, or how, but somehow I have managed to get it so that the default display, on the instrument cluster display, now shows my speed in mph when I start the car or scroll through the menus, instead of displaying the temperature. I didn't...
  4. BIG_G_1979

    how can i set default display? w211 07

    hi guys as you know the display in centre of speedo is defaulted to ambient tempature is there a way so i can set it to be defaulted to digital speedo? thanks
  5. wadeyblue

    Default Bluetooth phone

    Can I set my Bluetooth phone as the default. The default always takes me to the cradle for my old Nokia convenience phone and I then need to do the accept Bluetooth routine in command.
  6. LTD

    W211 - E setting on by default. Can this be changed ?

    My car defaults to the E setting by default. I prefer driving it on the S setting yet have to change to this every time I start the car. Is there a way that the default can be changed ?
  7. H

    CLS350 4matik 2013 "sport driving mode" by default?

    Hey guys, does anyone knows how to set "sport driving mode" by default? I am driving CLS350 4matik 2013. It's really anoying each time when I start the engine to select diferent then E mode by pushing that button... Thanx a lot
  8. R

    Can 'S' mode be set as default on a W204?

    Quick question to which I guess the answer is no, but what the hey. I want 'S' mode to be the default transmission mode on start up in my C350CDI, does anyone know if and how it could be done?
  9. R

    Default to 'S' mode - W204 MY2012

    Is there a way to default to 'Sport' mode rather than 'Eco'. It just feels so much better to drive when it is in sport. I hate it starting off in second gear. :wallbash: I used to always have it on 'S' on my previous car but on my W204 it always goes back to eco. :doh:
  10. R

    W204 Change default language

    Disconnected and reconnected battery to find language has changed from English to German, I cant seem to change language back to english on instrument cluster, when I go into settings or "Einstellungen" then its instrument cluster or "Kombiinstrument and press ok it defaults to miles or Kms only...
  11. Chattonmill

    Firefox Default settings please!

    I may have been fiddling with things I shouldnt have:rolleyes: and I may have made my internet look really awful:dk:, now I would like to set firefox back to the way it was and would be grateful if someone could tell me the settings under : Tools-Options-Advanced fonts and colours. I promise not...
  12. J

    What gearbox mode should be the "default"

    Hi all W203 C200Cdi auto This is the first ever automatic I have driven and I must say just getting used to it a bit more after a week or so. When I picked up the car the auto mode was set to "C" and obviously there is an "S" (Sport) mode as well. I know that as the driver I am free to...
  13. Gollom

    anybody know the NTL default PIN?

    Spoke to NTL yesterday (had to hold for 1 hour 10 mins - thank goodness for SayNoto0870 and speaker phones! She said there were just under 400 people queuing...) re loss of Sky and they gave me Sky Movies as compensation!! However, it appears that for 12 and above movies I need the PIN number...
  14. Goldfish11

    W211 E Class setting - default display in Centre of speedo

    Does anyone know how to change the display in the Centre of the Speedo so it displays the Temperature instead of Km/h at the bottom of the screens which display fuel consumption etc. I was in an EClass Taxi in Denmark a few weeks back and noticed that the display had all the usual fuel...
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