1. MWCLS

    Defected to BMW

    After viewing many MB's and BMW models over a wide price span and being slightly sensible having two young sons and a substantial mortgage I railed myself in a bought a very nicely specced 58 reg E90 se 330d 6MT saphirre Black/lemon Dakota. The first owner pretty much ticked all the options...
  2. Blinked

    Defected from the dark side

    Hi , I'm mike. Being a life long bmw fan (sorry to swear) I have recently defected from the dark side and purchased a maniac.
  3. S

    Looking for a used E-Class now tha I've defected from the dark side

    Hi everybody - newbie here! ;) After 20 years of driving BMW 3, 5, 6 and 7 series I now need an estate for the first time in my life. The BMWs have been getting way too harsh riding in recent years and my spinal disk degeneration is not going to get any better. I think BMW have re-dressed the...
  4. B

    i defected to ford but now I'm back

    hi all, went over to a Mondeo titanium x sport 200 rdci for a few months..... complete let down and major agro so took a hit and bought a c class again and love it.
  5. Gucci


    Ahem. And so it has come to pass. Test drove a V50 R Design 2.4 D5 Sport SE Geartronic and loved it. Solid, sharp suited car, but conservative at the same time. So, I bought it - got a good overall deal P/EX. The ML was an enjoyable beast, but after 3 years watching a fuel gauge, it was time...
  6. cjab98

    Defected to the dark side

    Well I guess it's time for me to say goodbye for now, sold the C43 a couple weeks back. Had the AMG for almost 3 years, it was my first Mercedes and also my first V8. Got me hooked on the V8 noise and ability to pull at any rev in any gear:devil: However I was getting tired of the tin worm...
  7. vijilants

    I very nearly defected for this last week !

    I very nearly defected for this last week......the only thing that stopped me was the fact that it only had two stamps in the book :(, and I'm not soo keen on the back end. but I could have lived with it. It was the 3 litre one....bit rare...
  8. Tony M

    Defected yet again

    Having defectected for some while now,I have just bought a repacement Cayenne. I did not even consider an ML or GL. Who cares at MB ?.......................... Nobody !!
  9. Tony M

    Defected to Porsche 2 years ago. Still Happy

    In October 2005 I became totally discontented with MB for a number of reasons which I will not bore you with now. I defected together with my immediate family and I sold our MB vehicles and bought Porsche. In the 2 years since defecting I can report that all five of us have been totally...
  10. Plodd

    Defected. It is still German though.

    I have been thinking about changing for quite a while now. I love the SLK and it's been no trouble at all but I wanted a change. End of March I put a deposit on a new Honda Civic Type-R and was told delivery would be end of May. Called into the dealers yesterday to be told delivery would be...
  11. reflexboy

    Almost defected but....

    So today I went to look at a Honda S2000. Love the look of it. The front is agressive and the rear is nice 'n sporty. It's well made, handles well, and goes well for a naturally asperated 2 litre engine. And it's not as 'girly' as many other smallish 2 seaters, like the MX-5 etc. BUT I struggled...
  12. stats007

    Defected to Porsche

    Well I've finally done it. Having had three SLs in a row I've moved over to Porsche and bought a manual 996 Carrera 4 in Basalt Black. Lots of new things to learn - EPCs and service manuals already bought from eBay! Will post some photos when I have her looking spotless . I don't...
  13. M

    Finally took the plunge - Defected

    Hi all, Just to let you all know that I finally took the plunge and did a deal with a dealer and did a P/X for an 05 plate Lotus Elise 111R. The cars are due to be exchanged on Wednesday. The deal did break my heart though. Against all the bad press the recent models of MBs have been getting...
  14. A

    Defected to the dark side...

    ...with a 2002 530D Touring :crazy: Saw it on the internet today, drove to the BMW dealer, checked it out and bought it. 1 owner, 100.000 km, FSH, Steptronic, gunmetal exterior, beige/tan leather interior, 16:9 sat nav + TV, CD changer and comes with 2 years full Europe wide warranty...
  15. G

    Finally Defected! Impreza Turbo to Diesel E Class..

    After about 12 months umming and ahhing I've this afternoon finally gone and ordered the replacement for my current MY00 Impreza Turbo. I've gone all sensible and grown up and ordered a new Merc E320cdi Avantgarde Estate (got myself 4% off list too which I think isn't bad for a UK supplied...
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