1. J

    W204 possible SAM defective help please

    So I bought a new car and knew the front wipers and pump don't work . On further research i read it could be the sam Does anyone know how I could test it and any where near to get it repaired Please help
  2. D

    ABS & ESP defective

    evening all. i have the abs/esp defective message come up a last week. after doing a few searches everything seemed to point towards either brake switch or low voltage. have checked charging voltage and everything seems fine. have also changed brake light switch but am still getting the message...
  3. M

    W211 ABS EPS defective fixed, but still malfunction

    Hi all, my S211/W211 E240 -2004 started to show these in autumn, on and off: ABS, EPS defective, Service brakes. Later became constant. On top of that Brake wear in Winter time. Autel MD802 showed P0500A, left rear speed sensor/wiring fault. Changed it, noticed a damaged ABS/ reluctor...
  4. S

    display defective error s-class 320 (2003)

    Hi everyone i am new to the forum, just bought a 2003 mint s class 320 petrol lwb, and am sold on how great mercedes really are. Had an issue display defective comes on screen and visit workshop/lighnting flash sign... Head lights flash, relays click all electrics go crazy and parking light...
  5. C

    ESP defective visit workshop

    Hi guys am having a bit is a ball ache with my car. I had an accident a while back, my car was hit in the left hand side front passenger side. After it was hit there was no lights on the instrument cluster to suggest anything was wrong with ABS or ESP etc... Even drive the car for a week or two...
  6. 4

    w211 e270 cdi 2004 ESP defective

    Hello all my e class has esp defective message when car comes warm.i scanned and here are some codes: C152D C1514 C2495 battery voltage terminal 87 (don't know what does it mean) I just have replaced trunk battery. The mechanic doesn't find any solution.please help.
  7. B

    S211 e270 cdi abs & esp defective

    Hi all Purchased the above as a bit of a gamble. Starts fine, goes into drive but stays in 1 gear. Fault codes point to both rear abs sensors which I've ordered new ones for. How common is it for both to go at the same time? Could it be the ruluctor rings on the driveshaft? Thanks...
  8. S

    lamp defective warning advice

    morning folks lamp defective warning keeps coming on every other trip but cant see any bulbs out any advice guys thanks
  9. thevad33

    ESP defective

    Hi everyone, Got w211 320cdi and ESP light come on yesterday,engine stopped and will not start. After trying to reset it comes up with 'esp not available diagnostics/Rig test" Any ideas anyone please????? Sent from my HTC One using MBClub UK
  10. tim130879

    Occasional 'oil switch defective'

    Hi everyone! New to here... Hope you can help?! My 98 E240 occasionally shows 'oil switch defective' in the centre display in red. The fact it comes up in red worries me even more but then it goes for weeks. Anyone gimme some advice what it means and why it would come up every so often...
  11. M

    W208 Lamp Defective Message

    Hi Guys I'm having an annoying issue with the exterior lighting system in my 1998 CLK 320. I had the above message come up on the dash and the bulb at fault was the drivers side rear brake lamp. It was intermittent so my local indy suggested I change the whole rear driver's side bulb holder...
  12. Jonny...G

    Breaks defective

    Sorry...."Brakes"..........Hi. When I switch my engine on it tells me to visit workshop and malfunction electrical consumers switched off. Then when I drive it keeps bleeping at me telling me to stop and that my battery/alternator not working therefore breaks are defective??? The car still...
  13. S

    W211 Stop Brake Defective - ESP Defective

    Hi, Hope someone here can give me some good advice. I got the message mentioned in the Title while driving. Brakes failed to work for 95%. I have taken it to the indy - done a diagnostics and got advised the the SBC needs replacing. I am not so sure about that, main reason behind it...
  14. U

    Mercedes e220cdi w210 display defective sign

    Hi folks, just got my instrument cluster back today after having the pixels for the temp gauge and gear position repaired by a cluster repair company ( revtronic) .Now before I sent it away I could see that the break lining wear sign was on ( I say that because the central display bulbs...
  15. astamir

    W208 clk55 lamp defective warning

    Hi guys Got another problem on my clk55 w208 2000 It says lamp defective on dashboard and the headlights pointing down Plugged to a machine at local indi and it showed headlight range adjustment, and gives the part number for that but the indi says its the levelling motors in the lights
  16. M

    Defective stopper window SLK(R170)

    On my 98 SLK LHD I suddenly got problems with the window on the passenger door. It would stop about 2-3mm too high. I adjusted it with the window switch. I was still able to get the roof up and down. I got the door card off (with help of my mechanic) and found two small angle shaped metal...
  17. W

    Help needed with Defective Display msg (W210)

    Hi all, had the above msg on the car since i bought it, so decided to replace the washer bottle sensor and the coolant level sensor to eliminate the issue as im aware that they work in series - but ive still got the same problem showing on the dash - any ideas as to where/what to try next...
  18. I

    ESP Defective

    Hi, I just had two new tyres fitted on the front of my ML280. All seemed to be fine, but the following day whist on a short journey the ESP warning light came on on the dashboard, accompanied by the messages 'ESP defective Visit Workshop!' and 'Run Flat Indicator unavailable!' I am guessing...
  19. Simply Benz

    IC MALFUNCTION Display Defective Visit Workshop! W208

    Hi Guys, need some help with Instrument Cluster. I had a few fused lamps in my cluster, which i changed. everything went perfect until i started the car. Malfunction: Display Defective Visit Workshop! step by step: 1. No key in ignition. 2. pulled out the IC. 3. disconnected the wire...
  20. O

    ESP and display defective light on!!

    Hi I'm new to the site so hello to everyone!! Recently bought a 2000 CLK 230K Cabriolet, drove fine for the 1st week but recently ESP warning light came on after starting one morning!! After turning engine off and back on it was fine.............but now its happening everytime I start up and...
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