1. Meldrew2

    North Weat Defectors GTG

    So. How about a GTG for Mercedes owners but with one rule If you are driving, it must NOT be a Mercedes Flango, I'm thinking of you... PS West, not Weat. Bloody fiddly iPhone keyboard
  2. M

    Defectors pics in gallery.

    Hi All, Posted some pics of my newest aquistion here. Enjoy. Mac.
  3. sportyreptile

    Defectors GTG. 11th Nov. Near Newbury.

    Or a non starter? This has cropped up in my defectors thread on the General section. I think Scumbag first suggested it and I think it's a cracking (if slightly perverse) idea......what about you guys and girls? The idea is this......we have a GTG but NO Mercedes turn up...
  4. Bobby Dazzler

    Is this why there are so many defectors to BMW? Maybe this is what the BMW marketing bods had in mind when they came up with "The Ultimate Driving Machine"!!?? ;)
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