1. D

    Definitive Battery Charging/Disconnecting for R230

    Hi Everyone, I'm just about (24 hours away) from buying a 2008 R230 and for the last two days I've been googling to try to find out exactly what I can and can't do with the batteries and there doesn't seem to be consensus. The issue is that I don't have a garage and the car will sometimes sit...
  2. c180081c

    W203 Water In Drivers Footwell (Hoping to make a definitive guide)

    Hi Guys, As the rain and snow are drawing in I have noticed that my drivers footwell on c180k w203 2004 is filling up with water......All the drains are clear and have blown them out with the airline, and can see the water draining underneath....Please can you guys who have...
  3. thebig1

    C63 Definitive Oil Answers?

    Hi Guys, Depending which forum, who you speak to, the answer seems to differ. I have a C63, late 2013. I would like to do an oil and filter change, just becuse I like too even though its also serviced by MB. What oil and quantity do I use. I have seen so many different types, ratings etc, the...
  4. R

    Definitive production dates W209'CLK

    I have been asking questions regarding a W209 CLK I am thinking of buying and it seems at least some people do not believe the date of first reg. it is given as 22/05/2002. I am told these were not produced untill 2003. Can anyone shed any light on this. Is it a pre production car, a press car...
  5. S

    The definitive E320cdi MPG

    If you cannot regularly attain this Your car clearly has MAF, EGR, other related issues and must go to a mechanic immediately. Its probably advisable you get the car low loadered to the dealer or specialist to risk further damage to the engine. ;)
  6. Silver CL55

    Definitive answer to "what mpg will I get from my 55k engine"

    60,000 miles, 18.8mpg
  7. Bobsta

    UMI and USB Hard Drives - definitive guide?

    Hi all, I'm getting increasingly infuriated trying to get my W204 (C63) to read from a USB HD. - USB sticks work fine when formatted with FAT32 (not with NTFS, understandably) - I then formatted my USB HD (Samsung S2 Portable 500GB) with FAT32 using FAT32format - no joy - I then tried...
  8. K

    the definitive c63 re-map

    GUys, as someone who has a 457 bhp stock car, what is the best ecu mapping provider out there? the criteria would be 1. best area under the HP vs revolutions graph 2. most inoffensive to my wallet 3. best mileage 4. most reliable 5 any other benefit one can think of not covered by...
  9. wheels-inmotion

    Definitive explanation: Tramlining

    Complaint 1:Involuntary direction changes outside of the drivers command. 2:Unpredictable changes of direction on different road surfaces. What's going on? Tramlining is a relatively recent complaint due to... 1: The road condition 2: The low profile tyre 3: The tyre 1: Motorway troths act...
  10. Londonscottish

    C43 - The Definitive Option List

    Having seen a few threads debating what exactly were the options on a C43 I've dug out the sales brochure and the definitive list is; ICE Upgrade (radio cassette and 8 spkrs were standard) Auto Pilot System (?) £2500 Audio 10 Radio/Single CD £190 Audio 10 Radio/Casette £190 Audio 30...
  11. kraftwerk

    Definitive SL book?

    Any recommendations?
  12. badshot1uk

    Definitive list of w124 parts

    Hello all, Any idea where I can get my hands on a definitive list of bits for my w124? Thanks in advance Paul:)
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