1. 94mattda

    R129 SL Wind deflector?

    Hi guys, i have a wind deflector for the SL which works amazzingly...however the black gauze/mesh has a few small holes....can this be replaced and is this a special type of tight weaved material??
  2. X

    Wind deflector CLK cab W209

    Quick question:- have just bought a genuine MB wind deflector for a W209 off eBay....I presume that the angle between the vertical and horizontal sections is not meant to be 90 degrees??? it seems to be more like 80-85 appears to have been made this way but I have nothing to...
  3. X

    Wind deflector CLK cab W208

    I have a wind deflector for a CLK cab W208 for sale. This should fit all CLK W208 cabs from 1997 -2003. I am asking £175.00 but am open to realistic offers. It is advertised on eBay as well. It is in good condition although there is slight wear to finish to top corner (hardly noticable)...I...
  4. X

    W209 CLK wind deflector

    Looking for a wind deflector for our W209 CLK cab?? Anyone have one they do not need anymore?
  5. L

    w208 wind deflector might go cheap..... wouldn't be without mine
  6. Howard

    Porsche 996 cabrio wind deflector

    Anyone got a 996 cabrio and need a wind deflector ? It is the folding type . Let me know as i have one.
  7. S

    w124 cabriolet wind deflector

    Are these available on the second hand market very often - and how much would a s/h one sell for usually?
  8. 4

    Wind Deflector - W107

    Hi, as a new owner of a 1982 280sl I am looking for a wind deflector and was hoping someone may be able to point me in the direction of a good supplier in the UK? - Thank you
  9. orso

    wind deflector W124 cabrio sportline 1995

    Hi all, can any one tell me where to find this? thanks much for your help.:) Orso
  10. M

    wind deflector w209

    I`m looking for a wind deflector for my clk, I dont want to pay dealer prices as the use would be minimal, and being a tight A**e ebay prices are massaged to almost dealer prices, Anyone know any replica companys that do make for a clk, I know time to time the do appear on ebay, I have followed...
  11. Barryh

    SLK wind deflector

    Has anyone got or tried the perspect version? Pricey but is it worth it?
  12. gbjeppm

    Wind Deflector quality of these?

    Has anybody got one of the wind deflectors from these people? If so I was interested to know what you thought of the quality. £170 new is very good, compared to the equivalent mercedes model.
  13. M

    W208 CLK cabriolet wind deflector

    Does anyone know where there is a deflector for sale please?
  14. Geezer

    Deflector Bag

    I bought a wind deflector off eBay for my W209 CLK Cabriolet. A bargain at around 70 quid but with no bag. Anyone got one hanging around spare or point me to where I might get one? Thanks. :)
  15. M

    SL (2002+) Wind Deflector Wanted

    Does anyone know how to source a wind deflector for a 2002+ SL, without having to buy from a main dealer ? Does anyone have one they want to sell ?
  16. I

    Wind Deflector

    Any body know if these can be repaired? Just noticed a rip..... Thanks folks.
  17. AbbieCadabra

    W209 CLK Wind Deflector - factory option only or dealer accessory?

    i know there are a few companies selling the aftermarket version of these, but i'm interested to know if when ordering a new car, does it HAVE to be specified at time of order, or can a MB dealer provide one as an accessory? many thanks
  18. U

    CLK Wind Deflector

    hi can anyone enlighten me on the fitting of a wind deflector on my clk. the prob is that i cant seem to get the rear part of the wind deflector to fit in where is meant to go, ive looked in the manual and can see it fits between the back seat belt holes but it dont seem to fit in there :S...
  19. D

    wind deflector R171

    got my new wheels at the weekend :bannana: and got a perspex wind deflector quickly fitted.. flying down the A55 (within speed limits:p ) and the thing starts vibrating and moving around. Pulled in and the damn thing does not appear to 'click' together very well.. anyone had the same experience...
  20. Hartzpartz

    R129 - Wind Deflector.

    I have a wind deflector which came with my car and was stored in a nice hard plastic box. So far, so good. The problem is that this box doesn't seem to fit against the firewall in the boot. I notice there are some elasticated strap thingies hanging from the carpet but these don't seem to...
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