1. G

    Vito W447 - Wind Deflectors

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has any and if they are worth purchasing? If so what brand have you gone for? Kind regards Gregs
  2. Cymruambyth

    Wind deflectors?

    Do many people have these fitted? I had them on the ST (already on when I bought) and I found them quite handy, especially when it was raining as you could have the window open a couple of inches without any water getting in. Has anyone got pics of their C class (preferably same as mine) with...
  3. T

    Wind Deflectors.

    As above really, are these worth having, not the type that go onto side windows, but the type that goes behind the driver and passenger.
  4. M

    Wind Deflectors for W207 E350 coupe

    Does anyone know if Wind Deflectors are available for a 2016 E350 coupé? Please note. I do not mean the wind deflector which sits behind rear passengers on the E350 convertible but the type of deflectors which fit into the inside top of door frames/windows to stop wind/rain getting in when the...
  5. Strange8

    W212 estate wind deflectors

    Planning on going away on a wee family holiday soon. The trouble is we have a German shepherd, and rather than put him in kennels we want to take him with us. Trying to find somewhere nice that also allows pets is a nightmare! So I thought about fitting wind deflectors so we can have the...
  6. S

    Clk Wind/Rain Deflectors

    Hi all. Does anyone know if you can get wind rain deflectors for a clk w209. I have tried an extensive search but seems nothing for a clk. Maybe they don't do it because it's a 2 door coupe. Thanks!
  7. Slinkee

    Wind Deflectors for W211?

    What's your opinions on wind deflectors, and what brand should I go for?
  8. A

    Bi-xenons & headlamp deflectors (driving in France)

    So the £5 deflectors you can grab on Amazon .. is there any special consideration with bi-xenons (eg. cause problems with self-levelling, etc.)? Or do they do the job just fine? What do you normally do when crossing the channel for a couple of weeks?
  9. kalvin928

    W211 window deflectors

    Hi all saw eclass in silver today with these fitted and got to say looked really good... Not bothered if they do the job but just for looks.... Has anyone had these fitted? Any pics/any views... I have never considered these before as don't look right but they did look good against the silver...
  10. X

    Driving to Europe ... Headlight deflectors required?

    Hi all I am planning to take my w203 2002 C class coupe accross the euro tunnel to france / belgium / holland :bannana: for a after wedding stag party :D I just wanted to know if you need to put stickers on the lights or if it is already suitable for driving in europe. Also any...
  11. Harrythedog

    Wind Deflectors? Any good

    Has anyone used these wind deflectors that are advertised and are they any good. I was thinking of getting some as I'm fed up of water coming in the car when I crack open the window on a rainy day for fresh air. Any advise is welcome
  12. 6pot

    Window wind deflectors w124

    MERCEDES W 124 Saloon 4 doors wind deflectors 4pc set on eBay (end time 11-Aug-10 18:05:21 BST) Thinking about the above for mine, has anyone used them? They dont look too bad when fitted either form the pics on ebay.
  13. dervdoc

    w124 prefacelift grill, wind deflectors etc...

    all coming off my prefacelift w124 have one of these for sale with badges £50+P&P W124 85-93 E-CLASS CHROME GRILLE for MERCEDES on eBay (end time 28-Dec-09 13:26:47 GMT) have set of smoked w124 wind delectors(front & back) £20+P&P facelift model rear lights same as these MERCEDES W124...
  14. Arthur Daley

    W126 Window Deflectors

    Does anyone know who does good quality ones? How do you fit them? Cheers:)
  15. bennesspipers

    W202 door wind deflectors,genuine MB

    Anyone got any genuine MB door mounted wind deflectors to fit my W202 C220 ? please ! MB dont sell em any more, & iv heard bad stories about the aftermarket ones,:dk:
  16. bennesspipers

    wind deflectors ,where from ?

    Anyone know of a shop where i can buy wind deflectors (door fitting) from ? I know they are on e-bay but the postage cost is prohibitive. Already checked Euromerc & MB
  17. C

    Window wind deflectors

    Anyone think that these window deflectors are any good ? Item number: 200231528677
  18. B

    SL Wind Deflectors and...
  19. D

    W202 rear wind deflectors for sale

    Bought a set of wind deflectors off ebay from Germany but got rears for a saloon instead of fronts for my estate, doh! Anyone want to take them off me for £15 delivered before I put them back on ebay?
  20. Nik_Endeavour

    Wind Deflectors

    I was browsing the net for other w202 and came across this: Question is, do you think wind deflectors look good or tacky? Nik
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