1. G

    W204 2012/15 coupe rear bumper with or without the plastic rear defuser

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  2. italian_cls55amg

    Fitting carbon front splitter and carbon rear defuser on cls 55 amg

    I've ordered a front splitter and rear defuser both in carbon for my cls 55 amg but need some fitting advise. I believe these items come alone with nothing to fit it to the bumper or instructions so i was wondering has anyone fitted these items to there car? Last thing i want to do is mess it...
  3. normanh

    C350 Coupe Defuser

    Anybody have any idea the price of the above, I know ring the dealer but they always ask the reg and then know who you are. Also anyone ever fit one to the 220cdi model just considering twin exhausts (single oval)
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