1. F

    w163 bonnet - open to 90 deg?

    On my W140 and W202, I could open the bonnet to (virtually) 90 degrees. I cant see a way to do this on the W163 - is it possible? Thanks!
  2. T

    W210 1995 E200 coolant temp under 70 deg C

    Hello to you all, Problem: Coolant temperature rises too slow (20 km trip, 70km/h, coolant temp under 70 degrees Celsius, ext temp cca 7 deg C, town rides means cca 75 deg C after 10-15km at ext temp cca 10-12 deg C). Checked: 1. thermostat out for inspection, closed when cold, fully open when...
  3. jasohal

    External Temperature displaying 58 deg C !!!

    Help !!! I have a E320 Coupe 1995 model. On the LCD dash display below the speedo the gauge is suggesting it is 58 deg C. Is this a simple case of faulty external temp sensor ?? where is this unit is it easy to replace ?? and any idea on price part no etc ?? Any ideas much appreciated.
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