1. T

    Question on 360 degree cameras

    When I put my W205 C-Class in to reverse, the camera feeds on to the COMAND screen so I can see the guidelines and the image behind etc. Is this just a reverse parking camera? And is the 360 degree camera a completely separate option that my car just doesn't have? If so does anyone know the...
  2. 8

    360 degree Camera

    I had not chosen the 360 degree camera option in my awaited new GLC as I thought it was a bit of a gimmick. I have been changing my mind recently as I have seen various reviews and it looks like it could be quite useful, particularly for my wife who being vertically challenged does not get a...
  3. ScottBacon

    Bad news on 360 degree cameras

    Been told today that MB have supplier problem with the 360 degree cameras. Any cars being built through July will not be supplied with this option which seems almost unbelievable to me? That includes my car :( V bad news as that particular option really appeals to me / probably many of us
  4. cd1974uk

    W211 suspension repairs degree of difficulty?

    Hi all, After just over 6 months of ownership of my 56 plate E320 CDI, I am getting to know the car and its foibles. There are a few creaks and rattles on the suspension of the car, which have been checked out by an indie and have been identified as follows. Basically I am looking at a bill...
  5. T

    Timing degree to remove pump W210

    Hi all, I'm having major problems changing my diesel pump. The mechanic doing the work is trying to confirm what degree the timing should be before fitting the locking bolt. He is fairly sure it is 17 degrees. The other problem is the pump won't lock, there seems to be a break on the lower shaft...
  6. Darrell

    90 degree screen saver

    Gents, My daughter has been playing with one of my laptops, pressed some buttons and now all the images on the screen have rotated 90 degrees. What buttons do I need to press to restore. Cheers.
  7. W

    Network cable with 90 degree RJ45 connector?

    Network cable with 90 degree RJ45 connector. Does this type of cable exist? Most moulded RJ45 connectors just stick straight out, so when bending them by 90 degrees, because of the moulding, it can not be done so sharply. I need mine to be very flexible or moulded already with a 90 degree...
  8. Philirv

    270 Degree spin in a W124 on a public road

    I had an interesting experience coming of an A5 roundabout in Milton Keynes the other evening. It was the first rain we've had in about 2 weeks and the road was quite slick and as I accelerated around the corner away from the roundabout, the back wheels started spinning...... CACK PANTS ...
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