1. N

    Screenwash -60 degrees

    Lidl currently selling at £4.49 for5 ltrs
  2. R

    +7 Degrees: Whose for summer tyres?

    Well it's above 7 degrees here in sunny Kent.....what do you reckon the chances are of snow in the next month?
  3. G

    Vito fuel pump 180 degrees out ?

    I've just changed the head gasket on my 2000 x reg vito 2.2 cdi. it is getting fuel to the injectors but won't start. a friend of mine has suggested that the fuel pump might be 180 degrees out. I won't be able to touch the van till tomorrow, just wondered if it sounded reasonable or if anyone...
  4. S

    Misfiring above 80 degrees

    Hi I have recently replaced a fuel pump relay and an OVP, but i still can't crack a mystery which is driving me insane. The engine starts to misfire in traffic when it goes beyond 79 degress or thereabouts. This last for a few minutes until it comes back down to 79 then it clears. If the car...
  5. BTB 500

    Use of 'summer' tyres below 7 degrees

    It's been repeated many times here that winter tyres out-perform summer tyres below 7C on good road surfaces due to the softer rubber. Some have been less than convinced by this rather vague claim, wanting more specific details of compartitive braking distances at different temperatures. So I...
  6. R

    30 jolly degrees C!

    Today 30th September I saw 30 degrees c whilst driving in the car. That temperature wasn't a parked car figure but a genuine figure held for half an hour! Blooming heck it's hot:)
  7. Darrell

    55 Degrees North

    I know it's about 4 years old and it has probably been discussed on here before but I have just seen this programme on a Greek channel and the star drives a lovey old SL.
  8. robert.saunders

    today's problem - zero degrees celsius... can you double the temperature?

    We are currently on a family GTG and the question of the day (well, last night in a semi-drunken state) has raised many an argument.... If the temperature is 0 degrees C, and the temperature doubles, what is the temperature? Alternatively, if the temperature is 0 degrees C, what is twice the...
  9. R

    96.26 degrees in the shade

    35.7 c or 96.26 f in my back garden right now in the shade!! (in Kent)
  10. A

    Bonnet: Open to 90 degrees?

    Apologies if this is a particularly daft question, but I can't figure out how to open the bonnet to 90 degrees... It will normally open to about 35 degrees, and when you then tamper with the two levers on either side of the hinges you get an additional 15 cm opening or so, but not anywhere...
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