1. grober

    Deja Vu

    Imagine my surprise recently while driving past my local Alfa Romeo agent [ Western Alfa Romeo] on the old Edinburgh Road Perth to see a large MERCEDES BENZ sign complete with logo prominently displayed on the old Western SAAB showroom. :eek: Was I an unwitting witness to a Ukrainian type...
  2. 230K

    Deja Vu.... Broken springs AGAIN!!!

    Hi I thought i was having Deja Vu on Saturday whilst changing the front springs of my 317000 mile 210 E Class estate. Almost 4 years later both were again broken and required fixing. This time i fitted the sacrificial anode thing at the bottom just as GordonTarling had mentioned in my thread...
  3. The Boss

    Deja Vuuuu

    Ok, just was driving up the road from my place past Bushey Spire Hospital and across the road at 5pm today was a prefacelift 320ce cabrio on a K reg.. I dont know what happened to me, but my heart skipped a beat... i dont know what colour or anything, but oh my God.. i wish i had another...
  4. W210 Fan

    Im having Deja Vu....
  5. Sp!ke

    Deja Vous!

    DEJA VOUS (again) CLICK HERE :D yes, I'm bored :rolleyes:
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