1. Alexf

    Car has been delayed.

    Got a call from Mercedes Leicester today, missed the call but the voicemail says my order has gone back by a couple of weeks and I'm now looking at the 2nd of August :( Should I be concerned?
  2. N

    Delayed introduction

    Apologies I should have come and said hello first. Perhaps unsurprisingly there have been a lot of mercs in the family over the years, but I've never owned one myself. I am however on the look out for some E class thunder in the form of either a 55 or a 63 amg. So... 'hello'
  3. T

    2008 CLK 220 cigarette lighter delayed switch off

    Hi Guys & Girls, quick question (Hopefully) I'm looking to extend the switch off time of my cigarette lighter right now it switches off with the engine ignition which I dont mind, however i drive other vehicles which have a delay of about 6-8 Mins, which allows things like satnav to continue...
  4. J

    Ship delayed at Port !!!

    Firstly a big hello to the community. A newbie here. Ordered my first Mercedes, a W212 Sport with Pan roof and loads of other extras. I was told on the 27th Feb that the car would be delivered to me on the 7th March. On 7th March told that it would be 8th march. Got a call on the morning of...
  5. Mr E

    Justice delayed is justice denied...

    ...unless you play football, of course. What justifies delaying the trial of what many consider to be quite serious charges (certainly for a public figure) on the basis of a few football games?
  6. J

    delayed plg registration

    Although not directly related to Mercedes I thought I would ask the question anyway:- I am a farmer and am about to buy a another large quad bike (Can Am 800). This bike comes with a road legal kit as standard, which included indicators and brake lights etc. The thing is I do not wish to...
  7. Colin_b

    C class diesel proplems - orders delayed?

    Is there any truth in the rumour that C class diesels have injector problems leading to delayed repairs and no deliveries of new cars for 6 months. Or have I misunderstood the bloke at work who had his C220 order replaced either a long wait or a C200?
  8. J

    Delayed throttle response

    Got a slight problem with the throttle response on an W211 E320 Petrol basically sometimes if the car is in Drive and you push the accelerator to move off the car begins to rev but not move then all of a sudden will jolt or will rear wheels will spin slightly and then move off... Have been...
  9. st13phil

    New Insurance Groupings Introduction Delayed

    According to AutoExpress: However, if you want to know which group your pride and joy will be in when it does actually kick in, then there's a useful search facility on the Thatcham site. My 2008 W204 C220CDI Elegance Auto moves from Group 14 to Group 31, and my wife's 2007 Cooper S moves...
  10. M

    Air Con Delayed Switch Off

    I noticed that after I swithed my air con off it continued to blow cold air. Thought it was a fault, but then looking in the manual it seems that there is a delayed switch of feature. Does any one know what this is about, and why it exists at all, and how long is the delay before it finally...
  11. A

    Drive Delayed Engaging

    When the car's in Neutral and I go to Drive and accelerate there is a delay before it drives. I had a gearbox oil leak which has now been repaired and instructed the specialist to top it up again as expected but was wondering if its been topped up enough. Does this sound like a low fluid level...
  12. BTB 500

    European launch of PlayStation 3 delayed till March 2007 :( :( :( :( Oh well at least the US and Japan (who are still getting it in November) will find all the bugs for us ... as happened with PS2.
  13. PJH

    B Class launch delayed in USA
  14. N

    Delayed Headlamp Shutoff

    AKA "Follow me Home". Hi Chaps, another poser for our collective wisdom. On a previous chariot I had this fab feature - tickle the light switch, get out of car, shut door, then the headlights turn themselves on for 30 seconds so you can find your way to your front door, garage, whatever...
  15. G

    Grrrrrr! New E Class Estate delayed

    Having sold my Impreza for a tidy sum a lot more quickly and easily than I thought I would, I've just got to wait to 1st March for My new W211 E320cdi Avantgarde Estate..or so I thought. Called the dealer this afternoon to check all was OK as I hadn't heard anything from them for a while. The...
  16. M

    E270Cdi problem - delayed engine response

    Hiya, I'm after some advice on a new (SA spec - so its the 'last model' E-Class without the electric brakes etc if that makes sense) E270Cdi Saloon. It is quick enough (about as quick at 6000ft and 35C as a Rover 820 at sea level and 20C) but it is godawful to drive and the fuel economy is...
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