1. P

    Where can I get a OM605 EGR Delete Kit?

    I cant find a EGR delete kit anywhere. Anyone know where I can get one? Thanks
  2. T

    Worried about C63 secondary cat delete

    Hello all, I am sorry to create another thread about the W204 secondary cat delete. I know it's been discussed to death... I've had a W204 C63 since January this year, and I love it (obviously). But I have been watching some videos (this one specifically -...
  3. P30egy

    2010 E63 rear cat delete

    As title a few questions regarding this; 1 how much louder is it when driving normally? Next does anyone recommend any garage to do the work chestefield/Sheffield/Mansfield area.
  4. J

    Egr delete

    I guys i have a e320 3.0 v6. Just wondered how much an egr valve delete is there days. Im also considering swirl flaps blanked off and a remapping. Cheers in advance.
  5. tommerc49

    B200 CDI tuning help & suggestions (Remap/ Exhaust/ EGR Blanking/ DPF delete)

    OK so I've owned this B200 CDI Sport for a few months now (having initially purchased it for my Mrs, but I have since took ownership of it as it seems more suited to me than it does her)... Problem is, I have never owned a Diesel before and in truth I never thought I would ever own one...
  6. garycat

    EGR Delete - worth it or not?

    I have the option of having an EGR Delete at the same time as a remap. Is the benefit worth it or should I keep the non-remapped bit as standard as possible? I've heard that the EGR is occasionally is useful in that the engine requires less than the 20% oxygen in the air, under certain...
  7. dervdoc

    s210 SLS DELETE? advice

    hi all been a while seen i have been on here. so my latest predicament is my s210. all an all the self leveling suspension what pretty shot. rotten pipes, leaking shocks and shot sphere's. so pulled all out of her. i have searched for what springs an shocks can be used but results usually throw...
  8. D

    C63 W204 Secondary Cat delete - X pipe vs Milltek?

    Sorry for the dumb question. But what is the difference of buying an X pipe vs say a Milltek by pass kit?
  9. D

    C63 W204 Secondary Cat delete

    As stated, after this if someone is putting back to standard.
  10. S

    Help with silencer delete c43 (trusted tuners for amg?))

    Wanting to get the silencer deleted for a little more bark from my 2016 c43 amg can anyone recommend somebody who is trusted... Been to a local exhaust specialist (powerflow), they looked at the car and said ''we don't have that kind of wide 4" pipe and its also oval shape'' there gonna look...
  11. clk320x

    CLK320 v6 anyone had res delete on similar emgine

    Anyone had a res delete on a v6 Seems a cheap way to get a nicer exhaust noise? Got a CLK320 exhaust is rather quiet for my liking Anyone done similar? Got a video? Any motorway drone or MOT issues? Cheers guys Abs
  12. S

    resonator delete who's done it? c43 (2016)

    Thinking of doing a resonator delete on a 2016 c43amg would like a little extra throat, anyone done this.... does it become droney, can the resonator be re applied if need be??? And are the any trusted mechanics in or around berkshire ? thanks guys
  13. AndyKO

    De-cat & Muffler delete W211 270 CDI

    Anyone done the above? or have any of you had custom stainless systems made with the twin tail pipes? I'd love to know from where and see pictures please guys :thumb: for OFF ROAD use of course!
  14. R

    DPF /EGR /CAT DELETE & REMAP on 120cdi Vito

    Hi everyone , This is my first post , I'd like to inform anybody who is thinking about the removal and remap of the DPF , EGR , & Catalytic converter on the OM642 V6 , Don't bother ! ! I've had a absolute nightmare since having the mod done on my 07 Vito 120 . I've ended up having the ecu...
  15. estate-agent

    Looks like inlet flap delete for me...

    Well all has been fine with my CLK (270 CDI) until today. Just popped into Cornwall and all was fine as usual. Started the car ready for my trip home to Devon and as soon as I pulled out of the car park... No boost. :mad: Drove the 70 mile journey back to my home town with the ecu light on...
  16. Doc matt

    Res delete question (newb)

    Ok, so a cat delete is cutting out the cats which I believe are located at the front of the pipes like on most cars. What's a res delete? What's a res and what does it do? I'm thinking of both the above and maintaining my standard rear box. That and a remap. I know about the MOt issue...
  17. ACID

    C63 AMG, Secondary Cat and Res Delete

    A C63 AMG we had in for a Remap and Dyno Yesterday!!! Equipped with a Secondary Decat and Resonator Delete with the work done by Torqueflow Exhausts !!!! Tuned to: 440.31 Whp (519.57 Bhp) 416.36 Wtq (491.30 Ft Lbs Torque) For Enquiries: Email: [email protected] Landline...
  18. 1

    G Wagon front fog lamp delete

    Hi, i have a 2012 G wagon that has had the front fog lights removed for fitting an AMG bumper. I am now getting a warning on the dash to say fog lamp bulbs. I have read that best way around this is to fit resistors to cancel the warning. Anyone know what size of resistors are required? the...
  19. chubbs111

    egr delete

    i have a 2003 clk 270cdi,i recently removed the egr to clean it,when i refitted the egr the management light came on,i have purchase a carsoft i980 and deleted the management light but it comes back on a few miutes later and the code reader states egr valve fault,i am now doing the egr delete...
  20. leef44

    PCS Horndean excellent service -resonator delete

    Olly, many thanks for an excellent job on the exhaust flap repairs and the resonator delete.:D I'm absolutely smitten with the sound. A slight warble at idle which can be heard only from the outside. Normal slow city driving is no different from before so all the refinement is kept. Slight...
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