1. A

    Has anybody deleted EGR and is it illegal to do so? Was reading about the EGR and the problems it has on an engine. Also had a read up on the kit for deleting and wounded if this causes more problems and if it's illegal? It's a bit of a gray area what I found on the subject. Cheers...
  2. J

    W210 320cdi - new diesel pump and swirl flaps deleted - problems!

    Hi all, Long story but here goes! W210 320 CDi with 156k, 2002 model: I replaced the plastic fuel lines at 142k last year. A few weeks back it developed a significant fuel leak from high pressure pump- few days later diesel had gotten into belt and pulleys , and caused the belt to slip off...
  3. E

    Help deleted photos

    Inlaw accidentally formatted his cameras memory card, is there a free programme I can use to recover his pictures? TIA
  4. swannymere

    Deleted photos on a Mac

    I've just managed to delete all my photos from my Mac thinking i'd saved them on my AppleTV, to make things worse i did it using Secure Empty Trash so i think they're unrecoverable. However when i click on photos i get up each folder and when i click on thhe folder to get the individual...
  5. I

    Can a remap be accidently DELETED ?!?!?

    Hi All, We purchased a 2008 c200 cdi Elegance auto about 4 weeks ago and have covered approx 600 miles! This is a W204 model with (136bhp). One thing I noticed was how quick it was. We had a previous c200cdi w203 and new model went like stink compared to the old one. To was much quicker...
  6. A

    web site I deleted still viewable

    I'm in the middle of making some changes to a site I run. I've temporarily deleted all the content from the server and replaced them with a placeholder index page. But............ The site which is no longer on the server is still visible - even on computers that have never connected to...
  7. R

    internet connection wizard deleted:(

    Hi, I deleted internet connection wizard from my sons computer and now be needs it to re setup his broadband connection. I ran windows setup but it didnt install it again. Any ideas please!
  8. Mozzer

    Deleted files help

    Now I may or may not have deleted a PST file from my missus' laptop recently and she wants it back because its full of important e-mails. What I do know is that when I delete file from the desktop, I generally press SHIFT Delete so that they don't go to teh recycle bin - bad habit I know :(...
  9. KillerHERTZ

    Revenge of the Sith - deleted scenes. Dagobah!

    For the StarWars fans on here: HERE
  10. Howard

    deleted posts ?

    Have there been some SLK and girlfriend posts deleted ?
  11. BenzComander

    Recover deleted Outlook items

    Anybody know if this is possible? Somehow, a load of contacts disapeared into the deleted items folder and we deleted them :mad: Also, cant understand how the contacts got deleted from address book, as both my partner and I swear we did not delete any. Any ideas on that one as well...
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