1. blaser24nig

    Lost key deletion from the system

    Hi everyone, When I bought my car, I only got one key and went to the dealers today to get a spare, they asked if I wanted to delete my other key from the system and I said no. After leaving my mind started to wander, what if someone else has my key and comes to steal the car?? so my question...
  2. Gridlock

    C43 silencer deletion + praise for Olly/PCS

    Following a rewarding visit to Olly and all at PCS :thumb: (new lower control arms, amongst other things = feels twice as planted on the road) I spent a wee bit on something just for me and had the centre silencer removed today, replaced at Powerflow agents Top Gear in St Albans*. Will stick a...
  3. Baron_Samedi

    UK Mode Deletion?

    Hi All, Having read a number of threads about various firmware coding of Mercedes cars, the one feature that is bugging me is "UK Mode Deletion". What is UK Mode? And what improvement does Deletion give? Ta Curious of Wiltshire :D
  4. P

    Servicing & UK Mode deletion

    Hi all, Im new to the Forum and to MB's having just bought a 2005 C Class 270 CDI estate. Its my first Merc and so far I love it. I have read the Forum and found it to be very informative and interesting. Thank You. I am based in Hemel Hempstead in Herts, can anyone suggest a good...
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