1. S

    Waiting for a Mercedes C350e to be delivered

    Hi everyone, Looking forward to delivery however I can't find any pictures with the same specification. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Mercedes C350e Sport estate. Brilliant blue and with the night package. Just a C class Sport with the night package would do. Thanks for reading and...
  2. C

    New car delivered

    Took delivery of this yesterday. C220d Premium Plus with Airmatic suspension. Good experience with Mercedes Oxford, they delivered the car to my house and provided a bag of goodies for the winter. Was even set up for Mercedes Me so I could use it immediately. The app is fun BTW. Boring choice...
  3. Toobad

    DAS6 PRO PLUS Dual Action Polisher £100 delivered

    This looks like a stonking price for a decent DA. OK, it includes the Black Friday discount code BF15 but it was still working this morning so perhaps it will be valid until the end of the weekend. IMHO this is the ideal DA to use on those extra-hard German clearcoats. The more powerful 880W...
  4. hamantjakhu

    New C Class - Finally Delivered!!

    Hi Everyone, Another newbie joining the ranks. I actually signed up awhile back upon ordering my Mercedes to just get some general info on the car and have found myself scouring the forum for new posts before going to bed at night lol This is my 1st post now that I can say that I am a "proud"...
  5. ash59fifty-uk

    Who's having a B class delivered

    Driving in towards Mansfield just now, after turning left at the large roundabout Small car transporter pulls out of the Shell garage right in front of me without looking, and in doing so mounts the kerb as he sped out the forecourt. Poor car on top bounced up and down in the air like nobodies...
  6. Toobad

    Sonax BSD £4.89 delivered - ends midnight 24/07/2016

    Good old Euro Car Parts doing another 1-day flash sale. Use code FLASH30 to reduce the contents of your basket by 30%. This makes the ubiquitous Sonax BSD a mere £4.89 if you're quick! It's currently a non-stocked item so expect to wait 5-7 days before your order turns up. Sonax BSD for £4.89...
  7. Toobad

    DAS-6 Pro Plus Dual Action Polisher Kit £171 delivered

    Outstanding value for anybody considering getting serious about detailing. This machine has a powerful 880W motor and a 12mm throw but to sweeten the deal , it comes with a collection of Meguiar's polishes and 3 different Flexipad Hex pads to get you up and running. They also throw in both 5"...
  8. R

    Sonax Xtreme Brilliant Shine Detailer 750ml £5:52 delivered

    Sonax Xtreme Brilliant Shine Detailer 750ml £5:52 @ Eurocarparts using promo code CLUB2008OC
  9. R

    Santa came today.... my C350e got delivered

    Merry Christmas to me :bannana:
  10. bob6600

    H1 H4 H7 bulbs from 99p delivered

    Found on HUKD Good to keep as a spare if nothing else, sold by ECP. Osram available for £1.99 items in Euro Car Parts Store Spares Replacement Brake Battery Clutch store on eBay!
  11. E

    10m ETHERNET CABLE 99p delivered

    Buy ESSENTIALS PCAT51012 RJ45 Ethernet Cable - 10 m | Free Delivery | Currys
  12. S

    Wrong spec delivered

    What would you do? Ok, its not a Mercedes, but my new VW transporter came today. Minus the heated seats that I specced. Can't be retrofitted by VW dealer as requires a new loom. Dealer says he will order a new van (3 months or so) and take back this one but this seems a little excessive to me...
  13. CLA180SPORT

    So, my CLA was delivered today. :)

    Was expecting an AM delivery but it didn't arrive until 2pm but my god was it worth the wait. I absolutely LOVE this car already and I've only done 20 miles in it! I can't wait to give it a proper blast over the weekend. Just one issue, which may be something I'm doing wrong, but the...
  14. V

    new cla delivered

    hi guys newbie here just took delivery of the new cla 180 sport cirrus white with panoroof and the standard himalaian grey alloys first impressions only done 278 miles superb, love the looks love the seats infact I love everything about the car I was a bit worried about on 122ps but to be honest...
  15. alistairgd

    C180 Auto AMG Sport Plus Delivered, Returned 60 miles.

    Took delivery of my C180 AMG Sport Plus in white yesterday at 130pm. It was on a recovery truck before 9pm. Engine was cutting out (stop start was off), rough idle, then misfiring, eventually would not go anywhere. Yellow engine mangement warning light on. Roadside diagnostics, Cylinder 4...
  16. F

    C350CDI Sport Saloon delivered

    The lease company dropped off my new C350CDI Sport Edition 125 today and I have had a little time to play, taking the delivery guy to his next appointment 16 miles away in Basingstoke and the down to the next village for a birthday meal. Wife reckons I won't ever have a new car on my birthday...
  17. A

    Just been delivered :)

    On Tuesday morning little James arrived, Mother and Baby doing well and big sister being a great little helper.
  18. EVL124

    Look what the postman delivered!

    Well my spoiler finally arrived! Am please to report its definitely a genuine AMG part, part numbers and all, so will go very well with my AMG kit :) My square AMG exhaust tips arrived last week as well and have been installed by Dean at Mr Muffler, and look very good - no photos yet. I have...
  19. mercmanuk

    windows 7 home premium £49 delivered

    seems a cheap buy to me and use the voucher code for free delivery code:::::TDX-SFFT comes up at £44 with voucher code even better
  20. grober

    First GLK delivered.

    Apparently the first GLK has been delivered to a "real" customer.:crazy: Taking delivery of the model at the BREMEN PLANT from plant manager Peter Schabert is none other than Magdalena Dietz, (who?) age 29 – an entrepreneur and PR consultant who, along with her husband, own the public...
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