1. Bobby Dazzler

    Deliveries quicker than ever

    Just recently I've noticed that deliveries from online retailers are getting quicker than ever, with just the standard free delivery. At 2120 on Friday night I ordered a couple qi wireless chargers from Amazon with standard free delivery. They arrived at 1330 today, on a Sunday, just 1.5 days...
  2. S

    Meat and fish deliveries. Any experience?

    I've a long boring, back story which I shan't bother regurgitating but circumstances dictate I need a big fillet of beef and some monkfish delivered, waiting for me when I get back home from a week away next Saturday. I've Googled and can see there's any number of people offering this service...
  3. Ian B Walker

    Earliest deliveries (domestic)

    Its now 11:15pm and the bl00dy milk man has just delivered our milk :crazy:. Dog went daft and I jumped a little. What's the earliest you have had a domestic delivery?
  4. M

    Matrixcar deliveries??

    Hi there...i just ordered a few parts from over in Germany. I just wondered if anyones ordered from there before, and if so, how long did the parts take to arrive to the UK. Cheers, Mark :bannana:
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