1. xJaydeex

    GLC Coupe Delivery

    Anyone recently taken delivery of a GLC Coupe - If so, can anyone tell me how long roughly it takes from build date to delivery?
  2. OCD BAL

    Finally! Got my delivery date for my GLC43 AMG SUV - Any other owners or prospective

    Finally, after waiting 7 weeks since ordering, I've received my delivery date for my GLC43 AMG. It's late November and I'm really looking forward to it! What surprises me is the fact that I still haven't seen any on the road as yet! I live in Surrey/South London borders - Are there any owners or...
  3. J

    New AMG C63 S Coupe Build & Delivery Times

    I'm New to this forum and first post so be gentle!! This week I ordered a new C63s Coupe with the Matt selenite grey paint, Matt black wheels, premium package, air balance, head up display and the full carbon fibre package inside and out. To say I'm excited is an understatement. I've never...
  4. J

    New C63s Delivery Time

    Hi Guy New to this forum and first post so be gentle!! This week I ordered a new C63s Coupe with the Matt selenite grey paint, Matt black wheels, premium package, air balance, head up display and the full carbon fibre package inside and out. To say I'm excited is an understatement. I've...
  5. T

    C63s Delivery date moved again.

    Hi All Ordered a c63s for a delivery on the 1st of September. Paid a deposit at the end of March for a delivery on the 1st day of the new reg.(giving them 5 months to manufacturer) Been told today that they still don't have a confirmed factory date and in fact it definitely will not be the...
  6. T

    Delivery Dates.. C43 Coupe to the UK

    Hi all, New to this forum, as I've recently been converted from BMW to Mercedes! I've got a C43 Coupe on order - The current delivery at dealership date is estimated between the 27th March and 3rd April. With the very painful new tax rates becoming applicable on the 1st April, I'm hoping...
  7. P

    Advice needed for new car delivery late >2 months

    I ordered a new Mercedes C200 Premium Sports @36k in Oct 2016 and was told the delivery is expected on 13 Feb 2017. Now I was just told the car could only finish manufacturing by end of March and the delivery to me will take even longer. Sales is just informing on this without offering...
  8. gr1nch

    European Delivery Program

    Googling to see if there were M-B new car tracking websites in other countries, I came across this. Amazing that USA members can go collect their cars, drive round Europe then drop it off where convenient to have it shipped back, with a whole bunch of included extras (shown below). It's a...
  9. S

    W213 SE Estate Delivery

    Hi All, I have just joined the forum after taking the step to get my first Mercedes. I have always had company cars and my current vehicle is a Jaguar XF. However when my car was due for a change I decided to go for the new E Class estate. As soon as the order book for the estate was opened...
  10. P

    UPS delivery question

    Ordered a jacket from Italy, but on delivery I'm out and parcel has been left with neighbor. Knock on door and neighbor now denies all knowledge of receiving any delivery. What now? Need this on a Saturday morning.
  11. E

    Delivery tracking

    I have had a new w205 on order since April. Dealer has told me that car was built on 12th August but won't be with them until end of September. Is there anyway I can track the shipping progress
  12. P

    Delivery delays due to carbon fibre interior supply issues?

    Morning all, New member here and first post. I've ordered a new C43 for a Sept delivery and I've been informed by my dealer that due to a lack of supply of the carbon fibre interiors my delivery date has been pushed back to Oct/Nov. The dealer states that the C.F interior supply delay is...
  13. D

    NEW W126 S Class Denso OEM Radiator for £85 inc Delivery

    Hello I have for sale a brand new, boxed Denso DRM17052 OEM Radiator for the W126 . MB part numbers: MERCEDES-BENZ 1265004103 MERCEDES-BENZ 1265005103 £85 inc Delivery (UK Mainland) Collection possible from Solihull West Midlands I can assist in worldwide delivery at cost...
  14. Benzmanc

    Delivery companies beware

    If you don't deliver my parcels on time, this will happen.......bye bye van:D
  15. H

    C220 Delivery Lead Time, 7 Months !!

    I ordered my C220 company car via LeasePlan in mid December last year and gave Mercedes a call today to get an estimated delivery date. I was told that the build date is 1st April and should expect delivery in the UK on 6th of June and then 5 days to prep before I have it delivered on the...
  16. D

    New GLA Delivery

    Good Morning all, Recently bought my first Mercedes back in Jan (GLA 200d AMG-LINE) needless to say I'm pretty excited to receive my vehicle! Car was built a week ago today, and I have been sent my VIN number which is great. Can anyone advise me on the time scale it takes for new...
  17. Tim203

    Supermarket home delivery Chinese style.

    A work colleague shared an apartment with a young lady for 6 months in China. One day they went shopping to the supermarket and she asked for their groceries to be delivered. Imagine his surprise when he looked around on the walk home to see a man pushing their shopping behind them. Into the...
  18. 219

    Speedy delivery by Yodel Maybe he wasn't sure which exit to take ........ or couldn't decide about indicating :dk:
  19. T

    Delivery from Build

    Hi all, My car left East London port on 03rd November and wondered what experiences others have had on how long it takes to dealer? Steve
  20. B

    Service clock not reset from factory on delivery

    My 4 day old MB is telling me that I need a service in just over 10 months time. Clearly the clock wasn't reset when the car passed through the dealer. As the dealer is 100 miles away I don't intend going back there for a reset but does it matter that when I take the car in for its first...
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